Awesome home care tips

As much as we like our homes to look and smell fantastic, who has the time to keep everything spotless? Fortunately, there are tricks you can use to get the job done quickly and easily. Here are some of the best.

1. Other Uses for Tumble Dryer Sheets

The fabric softener sheets you throw in your tumble dryer can do a lot more than make your clothes feel softer. You can:

  • place them in drawers to keep your clothes smelling fresh
  • put them in air conditioning vents to keep the room odour-free
  • use them to remove built-up soap scum from glass (e.g. shower doors).

So even if you don’t currently use them (or even own a dryer), you should pick up some up from the supermarket next time you’re shopping.

2. Use a Squeegee to Clean Carpets

If your vacuum cleaner isn’t powerful enough to get the pet hair out of your carpets, try using a squeegee instead. You’ll be amazed how much hair that T-shaped, rubber-edged window cleaner can collect.

3. Natural Air Freshener

Sick of that “vacuum cleaner” smell every time you use it? Try dipping a cotton ball in an essential oil putting it in the bag before you vacuum. The scent will fill the room as you work.

And if you’ve got a smelly drain, put some orange peels in there for a while. Or use bicarbonate of soda (a powerful de-odouriser) if you’re worried about clogging.

4. Toothpaste

You can use toothpaste for a lot more than just cleaning your teeth. You can use it to:

  • remove crayon marks from walls
  • remove strong odours such as garlic or onion from your hands
  • clean the rubber soles of your trainers
  • de-fog your swimming goggles
  • get rid of light scratches on a DVD. (Wipe non-gel toothpaste from the centre out with a cotton ball, rinse with water, then dry with a lint-free cloth.)

5. Polish More than Your Nails

You probably already know you can use nail polish to fix ladders in tights, but what about organising your keys? Use it to paint them different colours so you can quickly find the one you need.

And clear varnish is great for tightening loose screws. Just brush some on the screw, screw it in, and wait for the varnish to dry. (It will also stop the screw from rusting.)

6. Salt of the Earth

Salt can do a lot more than add flavour to your cooking. Put some in a bowl of water to clean dirt off of your veggies. Rub salty water on the inside of your windows with a sponge, and they won’t frost up in cold weather. Put some salt in a greasy pan before washing it so the grease comes off easier. And if your iron is getting sticky, put a little salt on some brown paper and run the iron over it.

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