School Term Spike In Pedestrian Vs Car Accidents

30 January 2014

  • 86% of Australians believe reversing cameras should no longer be an optional extra

As most children return to school on Tuesday low cost insurer Budget Direct is asking motorists to take extra care, after research shows car accidents spike during term time.

Budget Direct’s crash and accident data shows the rate of incidents with cars is always higher during the key school drop off and pick-up times of 7-9am and 3-5pm, compared to the same times during school holiday periods.

Nationally, 26% of pedestrian incidents that occurred during school term were in the school drop off and pick up times, dropping to 20% in the holidays.

Nearly one-third (32%) of reversing incidents occur during the school term compared to 27% during the holidays, at those key times, prompting Budget Direct to ask Australians whether reversing cameras should be made standard in all vehicles. 

An overwhelming 86% think to some extent, reversing cameras should be made compulsory on all vehicles* indicating concern around the potential to cause harm to people or property when reversing, says Margueritte Rossi, Senior Communications Manager, Budget Direct.

“According to our independent survey over half of drivers (54%) have had at least one near miss when reversing the car they were driving, nearly hitting someone who was walking, riding or playing behind their car,” says Ms Rossi.

The survey also found 57% of males report having a near miss compared to 50% of females. Yet more females (91%) feel cameras should be compulsory on vehicles compared to males (81%).

The survey found single parents to be the group most adamant that cameras be made compulsory (95%) compared to couples without kids (87%), singles (85%) and couples with children at 84%..

“Our statistics show a definite increase in accidents during the key drop off and pick-up hours of term time and reversing vehicles are a contributing factor.  We’re asking motorists to be particularly careful as schools return,” says Ms Rossi.

When it came to damage to a vehicle while parked, the rate of incidents during school term was 32% versus 26% in holiday periods during those busy morning and afternoon periods. Incidents involving the opening of a car door were also higher at 36% in term time compared to 31% during school holidays in the key peak periods.

Overall car park accidents during those crucial drop-off and pick up hours during school term came in at 36% and dropped again to 30% during the holidays. 


*Source: McCrindle Research Survey conducted on behalf of Budget Direct. 1010 respondents aged 18 and over participated across regional and metropolitan areas of Australia. 

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