Male drivers have more accidents at night

August 29, 2007

Research has shown that male drivers make up for 55% of accidents reported between 6pm and 6am says national car insurance provider Budget Direct.

The most common hours for motorist to have an accident is between midday and 6pm making up for 48% of accidents that are reported to the insurance provider.

Like any insurer with an inherent interest in motor vehicle claims, Budget Direct has come across some interesting results by monitoring the trends of it's national client base in an attempt to learn more about the driving habits of motorists in Australia.

Managing Director and CEO Michael Weston said it's nothing new to monitor the trends of motor accidents, but sometimes it can provide an interesting snap shot of what happens on our roads.

We've all heard the debate about males or females being the better driver, but these results show that accidents reported between 6pm and 6am were predominately by male drivers (55%), and female drivers had more accidents through daytime with (53%) having reported an accident between the hours of 6am and 6pm.

"Overall, the results are reflective of the busy times on our roads, but it's a little difficult to explain how female drivers are having more accidents through the day and male drivers at night".

Mr Weston said these findings include monitoring everything from small collisions to a vehicle being written off and while they show a trend for motorists, road accidents need to be taken very seriously.

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