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Most Popular Cars in Australia

Most Popular Cars in Australia

There is a lot of money to be made in the luxury car business. In fact, Porsche is the world’s most profitable car manufacturer, with an incredible $25,209 returned profit on each vehicle. To give you some perspective, the returned profit on an average car is around $3,448. However, that is not to say that there is not just as much money in creating and selling more affordable cars. On the contrary, there are plenty of car manufacturers across the globe, which make millions doing just that. The affordable price and the reliable functionality of these cars make them the go-to choices for many Australians. Here are some of the most beloved cars in the country.

Most Popular Vehicles

1. Toyota Corolla

Number Sold in 2013: 43,498

While we all might dream of owning a Porsche, the reality often looks a lot more like this car: a Toyota Corolla. In fact, there’s a safe bet that your reality actually is the Corolla, as it is the most popular car in Australia right now, with 43,498 sold last year alone. Of course, it’s not a bad looking car for the price that you pay, and its reliability and affordability is surely what attracts most people to this vehicle.

2. Mazda 3

Number Sold in 2013: 42,082

Hot on the heels of the Corolla is none other than the Mazda 3. This is surely thanks to its sleek look and affordable price. The newest model of this car is also more fuel efficient than its predecessors, which always makes for a positive car purchase.

3. Toyota HiLux

Number Sold in 2013: 39,931

Don’t be tricked into thinking that people are only buying affordable mid-sized sedans. The Toyota Hilux is the third most popular car in Australia right now, and is the only ute to make the top five.

4. Hyundai i30

Number Sold in 2013: 30,582

You might be surprised to see the Toyota Camry miss out on a place in the top five for 2013. Well, the main reason for this is none other than South Korean car giant Hyundai’s i30. Most people are drawn towards the space that can be found inside this midsize car.

5. Holden Commodore

Number Sold in 2013: 27,766

But what would a top five car list be without the Holden Commodore? Though sales have declined in recent years, the Commodore still holds strong, holding onto its title as one of Australia’s most loved cars.

Most Popular Brands

Just for fun, let’s take a look at some of Australia’s most popular car manufacturers. As you could probably surmise from the most popular cars, Toyota is the company that took in the most Australian dollars this year, with 214,630 sales in 2013 alone. With figures like that, it’s no wonder that they had three cars in the top six for sales this year. But of course, we will always have room in our garages for Holden, and the manufacturer remains steadfast in second place. Mazda, Hyundai, and global car giant Ford round out the list.

Number Sold in 2013: 214,630


Number Sold in 2013: 112,059


Number Sold in 2013: 103,144


Number Sold in 2013: 97,006

Number Sold in 2013: 87,236

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