Don’t become a car theft statistic

Did you know that a vehicle is stolen every eight minutes in Australia?

Budget Direct research uncovered some interesting statistics and trends for vehicle theft across NSW, Qld and Victoria:

– Most cars are stolen on a Thursday in both NSW and Qld, while in Victoria, both Tuesdays and Thursdays are popular for thieves.
– More cars are stolen in the morning across all three states and 11:30am is the most common time.
– The Holden Commodore is the most targeted vehicle by thieves.
– The NMVTRC monitor steel price data as a potential predictor of its impact on the recovery rate of older vehicles.
– Three out of four vehicles are stolen by youths for joyriding, transport or to commit another crime.

So what can you do to keep your car safe from thieves?

Here are our top tips:

– Always lock your doors and wind up the windows

– Keep valuables out of sight

– Install an effective anti-theft device

– When at home, try to park your car off the street

– If parking on the street at night, park in a well lit area.

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