Claims Data Reveals Most Popular Theft and Accident Times for 2009

January 2010

Analysis of claims data by low-cost car insurance provider Budget Direct has revealed the most popular accident and theft times for 2009, with some remarkable results.

While once again the Holden Commodore was the most commonly stolen vehicle – the month of July proves the favourite amongst thieves and joy riders, and more vehicles were stolen on a Monday or Wednesday than any other day of the week.

Budget Direct spokesperson Richelle Ward said it’s surprising to see how many vehicles are actually stolen in broad daylight. Between 6.00am and 12pm was the time of choice for car thieves,” Ms Ward said.

“Vehicles reported stolen at night (between 6pm to 6am) only account for 42% of total thefts, so the remaining 58% were reported to have happened throughout the day, between 6am and 6pm.

“Research conducted by the National Motor Vehicle Theft Reduction Council in December 2009, suggests a correlation between the rise in steel prices and the number of cars stolen,” she said.

A closer look at road accidents for 2009 reveals July as being the most popular for prangs, with just over 9% of the total for the year.

“Sixteen percent of all accidents occurred on a Friday and nearly half (48%) of all accidents were reported to happen between midday and 6pm,” Ms Ward said.

“These findings revealed the importance of being alert and aware when cars are involved, whether behind the wheel or leaving a vehicle unattended.

“When driving a car it is essential to always be alert to the traffic and conditions, no matter what time of day it is.

“And always remember to take simple precautions when leaving your car unattended – to reduce any kind of temptation, don’t leave mobile phones, wallets or satellite navigation devices lying around,” she said.

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