If you’ve always wanted to see the Great Ocean Road, maybe now is your time to experience those stunning views spanning along a 243 kilometre coastline, all on a motorcycle.

The Steps to Getting a Motorcycle Licence in Vic

  1. You must meet the requirements, which include:


    1. Being 18 years or older

    2. Being a Victorian resident

    3. Holding an Australian motorcycle learner’s permit for a continuous period of at least three months immediately before you apply or already holding a motorcycle licence or, previously holding an overseas motorcycle licence.

    4. Completing a Check Ride

    5. Not being subject to a Fines Victoria licence sanction

    6. Being medically fit to ride a motorcycle - if you have a medical condition or take prescribed medication which may impact your physical fitness and ability to ride, make sure you provide the relevant medical records before your assessment.

  2. Book and complete your assessments

Booking and Completing Your Assessments

To get a motorcycle licence in Victoria you'll need to:

  • Pass an eyesight test

  • Pass a hazard perception test (not required if you already have a driver licence)

  • Supply proof of identity

  • Complete a Check Ride and this has to be done at least 1 month before your assessment

  • Complete your motorcycle licence assessment

Make sure you also bring protective clothing to your assessment including; a long sleeved shirt and pants, closed in footwear (boots or runners), protective eyewear e.g sunglasses, wet weather riding gear, an approved high visibility vest and approved motorcycle helmet. You can also bring your own motorcycle to the assessment but it must be fully registered, roadworthy and a learner approved vehicle

The assessment is delivered in the same way across all training centres across Victoria. To book your assessment, get in touch with an accredited training and testing provider.

Before You Ride, Ensure You’re Insured

After you’ve conquered the Great Ocean Road, why not venture to the Great Alpine Road across a three leg trip, or the Black Spur Drive for a shorter day ride. And now you can ride with peace of mind knowing that Budget Direct’s Comprehensive Motorcycle Insurance can cover loss or damage to your motorcycle as a result of an accident. 

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