For Motorcyclists, Tasmania’s East Coast is one of the best rides in all of Australia. Once you get your licence, you can finally experience this route and find out what all the fuss is about.

The Steps to Getting a Motorcycle Licence in Tas

  1. You must meet the requirements, which include:

    1. Being at least 16 years and 6 months old

    2. Evidence of identity

    3. Successfully completing the Road Rules Knowledge Test at Service Tasmania

    4. Successfully completing a Pre-Learner course with AJL Training.

  2. Complete a Check Drive

  3. Complete the Pre-Provisional Test

Completing a Check Drive

After completing the 2 day Pre-Learner course you are required to complete a Check Drive. Comprising two parts, an off-road review of your braking, steering and low-speed manoeuvering skills and an on-road coaching ride on a predetermined route, Check Drives aim to reinforce safe riding skills and behaviours taught in the Pre-Learner course. 

The Check Drive has to be completed at least 28 days before you wish to sit the Pre-Provisional test.

Completing the Pre-Provisional Test

Once you’ve held your motorcycle learner licence for a minimum of six months continuously and have undertaken a motorcycle learner check ride only then can you take the Pre-Provisional test

This test aims to ensure that motorcycle learners have developed and can demonstrate safe riding skills, bike controls and behaviours needed to achieve a P1 motorcycle licence. Similarly to the Check Drive, this test includes an off-road assessment to check whether the learner can safely control a motorcycle and an on-road assessment to check whether you’re riding safely. 

During the pre-provisional test, make sure you wear appropriate clothing and enclosed shoes, an approved helmet, long trousers and a jacket. Gloves and eye protection are also highly recommended.

Before You Ride, Ensure You’re Insured

Once you have your motorcycle licence you can experience the stunning ocean views and vineyards on Tasmania’s East Coast ride. Take the Lake Leake Highway down to the coastal town of Freycinet where you can spend some time at the famous Wineglass Bay, and then continue down the East Coast.

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