With some of the most scenic motorcycle trips in all of Australia, South Australia offers motorcycle routes with scenic views for the slower rider as well as fast paced trails with challenging curves.

The Steps to Getting a Motorcycle Licence in SA

  1. You must meet the requirements, which include:
    1. Completing a Basic Rider Safe Course 
    2. Being 18 years of age; or 
    3. Being 17 years of age and holding a provisional licence for another class of vehicle; or 
    4. Being 16 years of age and living in a regional area in South Australia 
  2. Basic training course 
  3. Advanced training

Basic Training Course

At this pre-licence training course you will learn the necessary skills needed to ride a motorcycle safely. Before you can take part you must have a current driver’s licence or learner’s permit. If you don’t have either one of these licences, then you must first pass a theory test.

Advanced Training

You must have held your motorcycle learner’s permit for a minimum of 12 months before you can take the RideSafe advanced training course. In this half-day training session you’ll learn advanced bike control skills, road riding skills and traction theory. At the end of the course you’ll also complete a practical assessment.

During the advanced training, make sure you wear appropriate clothing and enclosed shoes, an approved helmet, long trousers and a jacket. Gloves and eye protection are also highly recommended. 

Once you successfully complete the advanced course, you can then apply for an R-date motorbike licence.

You can use your own motorcycle in the advanced course, as long as it’s registered, roadworthy and on the list of learner-approved motorcycles

You must also bring the following items with you:

  • A fit for purpose, compliant helmet
  • Current photo identification
  • A current learner’s permit
  • Course Payment Receipt

Before You Ride, Ensure You’re Insured

If you’re looking for beautiful scenery and challenging curves, South Australia’s ride through Adelaide Hills is the best place to start. This unique 159 km stretch through Mount Torrens, Mount Pleasant, and Gorge Wildlife Park. 

On the other hand, the 40 km ride from Strathalbyn to Goolwa also provides stunning views at a slower pace. This is the perfect ride for a slow Sunday afternoon! 

From challenging curves to a slower afternoon ride Budget Direct can cover loss or damage as a result of an accident or severe weather as well as your liability for accidental damage your motorcycle causes to other people’s property. 

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