With a motorcycle licence you can explore Queensland’s great open roads and discover the state's expansive beauty up and down the North East Coast.

The Steps to Getting a Motorcycle Licence in Qld

  1. You must meet the requirements, which include:
    1. Holding a provisional or open licence for at least
    2. Completing the Q-Rider pre-learner course
    3. Passing a motorcycle knowledge test
    4. Being medically fit
    5. Pay the prescribed fee

Q-Ride Pre-Learner Course

The Q-Ride pre-learner course is designed to help new riders gain basic riding knowledge and motorcycle handling skills. This course is conducted in a safe environment and covers the basics of riding including wearing protective gear, riding curves, controlled braking and good roadcraft. 

During the pre-learner course make sure you wear appropriate clothing and enclosed shoes, an approved helmet, long trousers and a jacket. Gloves and eye protection are also highly recommended.

Motorcycle Knowledge Test

Once you’ve completed the pre-learner course, you can practice and take the motorcycle knowledge test online. The test contains 30 questions on motorcycle licensing, road rules, and hazard perception and if you pass and pay for your knowledge test online, your existing driver’s licence may have the learner licence automatically added to it. 

If your learner licence can’t be automatically added then you’ll need to apply at a driver licence issuing centre.

Being Medically Fit

If you have a medical condition or take prescribed medication which may impact your physical fitness and ability to ride, make sure you provide the relevant medical records before your medical assessment. 

A medical professional is also required to assess your fitness before you can ride. When you attend your appointment make sure you bring both:

  • A medical certificate for motor vehicle driver form (F3712) and;
  • A private and commercial vehicle driver’s health assessment form (F3195) with the questionnaire already completed prior to your appointment

In some cases riders may have to undergo specialist medical assessments (depending on their medical condition) or complete a driver assessment before their health professional deems them fit to ride.

Before You Ride, Ensure You’re Insured

One of the best things about having your learner’s licence is that you can start learning to ride your motorcycle. And once you’re on your way you can rest assured that we have you covered. 

In the event that an accident occurs while you’re riding, Budget Direct’s Comprehensive Motorcycle Insurance can cover loss or damage to your motorcycle as well as your liability for any accidental damage caused to other people’s properties.

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