While the Australian Capital Territory is home to national institutions like Parliament House, the Australian War Memorial and the National Gallery of Australia, it is also home to some of the most scenic motorcycle routes in all of Australia.

The Steps to Getting a Motorcycle Licence in the ACT

  1. You must meet the requirements, which include:

    1. Being at least 16 years and nine months old

    2. Undertaking a government-approved rider training course

    3. Successfully completing a Pre-Learner Licence Course (including a computerised knowledge test).

  2. Go to an Access Canberra Service Centre to get your licence.

  3. Pay the prescribed fee

  4. Once you’ve successfully completed the Rider Training course, you must have your driver’s licence endorsed within the learner rider class.

Getting Your Licence

When you go to an Access Canberra Service Centre to get your licence, you must:

    • Successfully complete an eye test

    • Pass an ACT road rules knowledge test certificate unless you hold a current driver’s licence

    • Supply your ACT driver’s licence or proof of identity and proof of residency

    • Pay the prescribed fee.

Completing the Rider Training Course

Once you’ve successfully completed the Rider Training course, you have to get your driver’s licence endorsed during a learner rider class at an Access Canberra Service Centre. To get endorsed you must provide:

    • Your ACT driver’s licence

    • The Motorcycle Rider Training course certificate.

If you currently hold a car licence (unless it’s a learner’s licence), a fee will apply. 

However, if you are adding the motorcycle learner licence to a car learner licence there is no charge.

During the rider training course, make sure you wear appropriate clothing and enclosed shoes, an approved helmet, long trousers and a jacket. Gloves and eye protection are also highly recommended.  

Before You Ride, Ensure You’re Insured

The most well-known motorcycle route in the territory is the famous Cotter Loop. This scenic route covers Cotter Road, Brindabella Road and Uriarra Road leading to the Mt. Stromlo Observatory and the Brindabella Mountain Range with plenty of spots to stop along the way. 

While the roads on this route are in pretty good condition, there are still some rough sections. And sometimes even the most experienced drivers need to cover loss or damage to their motorcycle as the result of an accident. 

Budget Direct’s Comprehensive Motorcycle Insurance covers loss or damage to your motorcycle (as a result of an accident) for when you’re next on a well-known motorcycle route. 

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