Do you live in one of Australia’s most secure states or suburbs? 

Quick Stats

  • Home invasions and break-ins increased in 2022 for the first time in more than a decade across Australian cities.
  • Whilst alarm installations declined during COVID due to lower crime rates, Australians have stepped up to protect themselves in the past two years.
  • At the end of the 2022/23 financial year, 48.67% of Australian homes had an alarm system according to homeowners who obtained a Home Insurance quote from Budget Direct.
  • Budget Direct’s top three home security tips are easy things anyone can do to help avoid property crime and home invasions. 

It’s no surprise that people want to feel more secure — home invasions, property crime, and break-ins of sorts increased in 2022 for the first time in more than a decade. [1]

At the end of the 2022/23 financial year, our data revealed 48.67% of Australian homes had an alarm system according to homeowners who obtained a Budget Direct Home Insurance quote as Australians increasingly protect themselves from a rise in home break-ins.

Home invasions carry some serious consequences and sadly these break-ins are targeting personal items like handbags, jewellery and clothing [1]. And burglars aren't picky whether you live in capital cities or regional towns! 

According to our home burglary survey of over 800 Australians, of those who experienced a break-in, 19.2% of respondents didn’t have insurance [2]. However, if you want to protect your belongings, this is where Contents Insurance comes in.

Still, whilst your possessions can be covered by insurance, they may have personal meaning, making them difficult to replace.

Improving your home security can help to minimise potential threats, and clearly Australians are quickly getting the message and installing alarm systems to avoid being another crime statistic.

Where are Australia’s most secure states?

Budget Direct breaks down our Home Insurance quote data to show which Australian states and suburbs are the most secure based on how many homes were reportedly fitted with a security alarm.

Home Insurance quote data from the past five years shows that Western Australia leads the way from a security standpoint with 63.17% of Australian homeowners who received a Home Insurance quote identifying their home as being equipped with an alarm.

The western state was well ahead of the east with just 53.06% of New South Wales homes and 51.76% of homeowners in Victoria stating they had alarms fitted at home.

The least protected state was Tasmania with 30.59% of homeowners who obtained a Home Insurance quote from Budget Direct having security systems in place. 

Australia’s largest eastern state Queensland came in as a close second for the least protected state, with only 33.80% of homeowners noting they had security alarms fitted.

Our data also showed which suburbs in each state or territory have the highest percentages of self-reported residential alarm systems surveillance.

Dunlop and surrounding suburbs were the most secure in the Australian Capital Territory with up to 4.06% of homeowners who obtained a Home Insurance quote in the capital city boasting an alarm set-up. 

Across the rest of the country, Armadale led the way for Western Australia (2.07%); Mawson Lakes for South Australia (1.74%); Hoppers Crossing for Victoria (1.48%); NSW ‘s Kellyville (1.34%) and Queensland’s Goodna region (0.57%). 

Interestingly, whilst Tasmania is the least protected state in the country, Tasmania’s second largest city Launceston had the most monitored homes in the country, with 5.18% of those who obtained a Home Insurance quote fitted with alarms.

Tips to Protect Your Home

With property crimes increasing for the first time in a decade, Aussies clearly see that it pays to protect your home. 

Regardless of whether you live somewhere with a high or low crime rate, here are Budget Direct’s top three tips to protect your home that anyone can do.

Install Home Security Systems

According to the tech experts it’s easier than ever to set up a smart security system where you can monitor your home from just about anywhere. Devices such as an alarm system, security cameras and sensory light detectors are a great place to start.

Lock Your Doors and Windows

It may be an obvious one, but make sure you have locks on all your windows and doors to avoid becoming an easy target for break-ins. Particularly at night and when leaving your property, keeping your windows and doors secure is the first step in improving your home security.

Don’t Leave Valuables, Technology or Jewellery Near Windows

Out of sight and out of mind! By placing valuables near windows, you’re more likely to draw attention from anyone who looks inside your home. Move any valuables that you own into a secure place away from windows.


We analysed five years of Budget Direct Home Insurance quote data from 2018 to 2023. At least 1,000 rows of data for each data point were analysed to determine the percentage of homes fitted with a security system as reported by quotes across Australia. NT was excluded from the data as Budget Direct does not offer Home Insurance in the NT and therefore may have inaccurate data.