Disclaimer: Data on this website was sourced in September 2020 from the latest available data from FuelPrice Australia. Auto & General Services Pty Ltd does not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the data and accepts no liability whatsoever arising from or connected in any way to the use or reliance upon this data.

Petrol prices across the world plummeted in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic earlier in the year, although seem to be slowly creeping back up towards pre-lockdown levels again.

But fuel prices can vary wildly across the country, with the prices at the pumps being determined by a variety of factors, including levels of competition in different areas and individual pricing decisions taken by wholesalers and retailers.

So how does the cost of fuel vary across Australia, and which parts of the nation are getting the best and worst deals when it comes to filling up?

Average Unleaded Prices by City

Looking at the 30 most populated cities across the country, the data reveals that some of Australia’s biggest cities are also the ones paying the most at the pumps.

Melbourne was the priciest, with an average cost of $1.27 per litre, which works out as $101.60 to fill an 80L tank of petrol, followed by another of the country’s biggest cities, Brisbane, at $1.26.

On the other hand, prices were lowest in Bundaberg, Queensland, where it would cost drivers just $1.107 per litre, or $88.56 for a tank, which is $13.04 (15%) less than in Melbourne.

Average unleaded prices by city

Average Diesel Prices by City

When it comes to diesel, most of the costliest cities were located in Tasmania, with locals paying $1.35 and $1.308 respectively in Hobart and Launceston.

Once again, Bundaberg emerged as the cheapest city, this time tied with Adelaide, with a price of $1.15 per litre, or $92 for an 80L tank, $16 (17%) cheaper than Hobart.

Average diesel prices by city

Average Unleaded Prices by State/Territory

Looking at how things pan out at a state level, the Northern Territory was by far the most expensive place to fill up, with an average cost of $1.66 per litre, 38c more expensive than the next highest state, Western Australia.

Victoria was the cheapest state in which to fill up with unleaded, with an average cost of $1.155, which works out as $92.44 for an 80L tank, a sizeable $40 (44%) cheaper than in the NT.

Average unleaded prices by state/territory

Average Diesel Prices by State/Territory

Finally, the Northern Territory was again the most expensive state when it comes to diesel prices, with an average cost of $1.658 per litre, as much as $132 to fill up a full tank.

On the other hand, South Australia was the cheapest state for diesel, with an average price of $1.166, which is 49c (42%) cheaper than in the NT.

Average diesel prices by state/territory


All fuel prices were sourced from FuelPrice Australia, taking an average of August 2020’s available data for each of Australia’s 30 most populated cities, as well as each state/territory.

The cost to fill up a full tank of fuel was based on Australia’s best-selling car in 2019, the Toyota HiLux, which has a fuel tank capacity of 80 litres.