Simply Smarter Kitchen Tips Part 2

Following the success of Kitchen Tips Part 1, we’ve created a sequel. In Kitchen Tips Part 2 we’ll show you some great, easy to follow tips that you can use in your kitchen at home, including how to quickly and easily peel garlic, save space on your countertop, spice up the classic sausage sizzle and baked potato and also how to wash strong smells off your hands.


Peeling Garlic

Hand-peeling individual garlic cloves can sometimes be a tricky and time consuming chore. Avoid the hassle with this quick tip; simply break up the garlic and throw it, skins and all, into a large bowl. Use another bowl of the same size to create a sphere containing the garlic – rigorously shake the bowls together, as shown in the clip. Place one bowl bottom down on the counter top and remove the other bowl – you’ll now have peeled garlic, ready to cook with.

Saving Space

If you have a tendency to spread your ingredients and utensils beyond the means of your countertop when you’re at work in the kitchen – you’ll appreciate this tip. Create additional space by placing a large chopping board over the runners of an open drawer. As you will see in the clip, when you place items you’re not using right away on that chopping board; you create more countertop space to work on.

Grilling Hot Dogs

We all love a good sausage sizzle from time-to-time; why not mix up an old classic with this fun tip. Place your sausage, or hot dog, on a skewer and safely run a sharp knife around the outside of the sausage – as shown in the clip. Remove the sausage from the skewer and cook it the same way you usually would, only with a new fun effect. The cuts you create by slicing the sausage this way also evenly catch all your yummy toppings a lot easier too.

Baking Potatoes

Who doesn’t love a hot baked potato? Enjoy this traditional side with a new delicious twist – make deep slices in the potato, as shown in the clip, and then place olive oil, seasoning and diced garlic in the cuts you’ve just made. Bake the potato as you normally would, and enjoy!

Saving Dishwashing Detergent

A lot of the time, when washing dishes in the sink, people use a lot more detergent than what they really need. To reduce the amount you use, and ultimately the amount you have to buy, transfer the detergent you do buy from its original bottle into a push-pump dispensing bottle. This will reduce the amount you use in each wash by a significant amount.

Lemon-Fresh Hands

Cooking with smelly ingredients like garlic and fish can leave a lingering and unwanted smell on your hands, which sometimes not even the best of hand detergents can wash out. Fresh lemon juice is a great way to combat tough scents like this – simply cut a lemon in half, squeeze the lemon’s juice directly on to your hands and wash your hands as you normally would.


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