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How To Plan For Financial Success With Your Spouse

When just starting out, new couples live life pretty much in the moment.

But the sooner couples start planning, the better chance they will have of realising their financial hopes and dreams. As daunting as that task may seem, couples that start the financial planning process early soon realize that they have a lot more advantages than they did when they were single.

If you’re a new couple here are 7 financial steps you can take to help cement your financial future.

1. Set Clear Financial Goals

How to plan for financial success

In order to build a solid financial future, the best first step for couples to take is to set clear financial goals. This means couples need to be willing to sit down and openly talk about money as well as future long and short-term financial expectations.

By having these kinds of conversations, couples are better able to define shared financial goals and plan accordingly.

2.Household Expenses

When you’re looking to move in together one of the first obstacles can be the property you’re going to live in. Make sure you have the conversation about location, property type and budget before
you end up knee deep in rental applications. Compare your rental options on a real estate search portal such as
homely.com.au and agree on what you’re willing to compromise on. Remember, you both could have completely different wants and learning how to compromise in this area will help you nail the merging of your stuff – yes that right, you may have to make some sacrifices in the home wares and furniture department. But if location is more your thing, try this helpful Suburb Reviews tool to get insights and reviews from locals about the places you’re considering.

3. Start A Budget

How to plan for financial success

For many new couples, the word “budget” has a negative connotation; it sounds restrictive and limiting, and can lead to arguments. As a result, many put off in-depth financial planning until much later.

Budgets can be very freeing. They help couples save money that they can leverage to achieve both short and long-term financial objectives.

This can create serious problems.

In reality, budgets can be very freeing. In that they help couples save money that they can leverage to achieve both short and long-term financial objectives.

Failure to address each other’s incomes and spending habits early on, and to institute some budgetary guidelines to properly manage money, can result in couples getting into financial trouble fast.

4. Establish Joint Bank Accounts

How to plan for financial success

Many people prefer keeping individual savings accounts after they are married. That’s fine as long as they also establish joint savings accounts to handle the bulk of their funds.

Joint accounts save money, as they typically charge lower fees than single accounts.

Another advantage of joint accounts is that they help couples to pool their resources and put their shared financial goals into action.

5. Take advantage of the financial perks of being married

Being a couple can help you save money in many areas. You can also add a second car to one policy. Creating a joint bank account helps, because you can halve your monthly bank fees. Also, there’s one set of utility bills instead of two and just one rent or mortgage payment.

You can also save money by filing a joint tax return. If you’re both employed, you may have access to each other’s benefit plans. And if you begin your marriage with two sets of furniture and appliances, you can consolidate these and sell any unneeded extras for ready cash. And, as every married couple knows, when both parties can view the credit card bill, this serves as a handy psychological deterrent to excessive spending by one or the other – so you both save!

6. Consolidate Insurance Policies

How to plan for financial success

New couples typically bring their own health and car insurance policies into the relationship, and for many, it may seem easier to just keep paying the same premiums to the same insurance companies—just like they did when they were single.

However, couples where those who transfer their insurance policy across to the same company their partner is using can often save substantially on premiums for car and health insurance through multi-policy discounts.

7. Consider Other Kinds Of Insurance

How to plan for financial success

While health and car insurance are the two main policies new couples are generally most concerned with at first, the realization that there is now someone else to consider makes it important for couples to look into other types of insurance as well.

Life insurance can be a very inexpensive way to protect a loved one from the potentially devastating financial impact of the death of a spouse.

When buying a home, having home and contents insurance can save money and provide peace of mind.

Asian Couple using Tablet device at home on sofa.

8. Build an Emergency Cash Reserve

How to plan for financial success

Caught up in the excitement of their new adventure together, many couples fail to build a cash reserve. This can tide them over in the event of a job loss, illness, or other unforeseen emergency.

It takes discipline to create an emergency cash reserve. But having a three-month cash cushion provides financial security and peace of mind for couples who face unexpected financial challenges.

9. Shop Around For Insurance

How to plan for financial success

New couples looking for insurance should shop around to make sure they get the right cover at the best price.

Additionally, as time passes, couples should make it a point to re-evaluate their insurance policies. This way they can make changes if needed to ensure that they maintain appropriate cover at competitive rates.

Starting a new life together is an exciting time for couples, but it should also be a time for re-evaluation and preparation. By taking these and other important financial steps early on, couples can look forward to enjoying a long and prosperous financial future together.

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Disclaimer: The information in this blog is general in nature and does not take into account of your personal circumstances. Please seek professional advice before acting on any of the information mentioned above.

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