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8 signs it’s time for a career change

It can be easy to fall into a career rut, doing the same thing day in day out can be tiring. Before you know it, you’ve spent a few decades working in the same field and you suddenly realise that you’ve outgrown the role, the company and it’s time for a complete change. But it can be hard to know when it’s the right time to make that big leap into moving into a different career.

#1: You dread going into work

Career Change

You’ve hit snooze so many times your phone has almost given up hope of you getting up. You drag your feet into the office and plop down at your desk with a sigh. When you get there you spend more time on your phone than you do looking at your computer. You’re even counting down the minutes till home time. Everyone has bad days where they don’t feel like going to work, but if it is a daily occurrence, it’s time to examine what it is about your work that fills you with such dread.

#2 Autopilot

Career Change

You get into work and your body starts going about it’s business without any say-so from you. It’s like when you’re driving on a very familiar route and you snap to attention five minutes later at your destination without any memory of the drive there. If you can’t remember anything positive or meaningful from your work by the end of the day, it might be time to shake off the cobwebs and change things up.

#3: You’re only in it for the money

Career Change

If you find yourself thinking the words, if this job didn’t pay so well…

Taking home a large payslip at the end of the week is always a great feeling, but as the old expression goes, a million dollars won’t buy you back your time. If the only thing you like about your job is the money it brings you, try looking at other careers that can pay the bills and give you a greater sense of purpose. Money can only bring you so much happiness after all.

#4: Your wind down involves unhealthy habits

Career Change

Everyone likes to relax after a long day at work, but if you find yourself trying to drown out your work stresses by self-medicating, it might be an idea to look at the toll your job is having on your mental health. High stress jobs can often be hard to leave at the door and if your work life is intruding into your personal time, it can be hard to feel like you’re getting an adequate work-life balance.

#5: Your body says no

Career Change

When the head says no, the body can often follow. Work dissatisfaction can manifest itself in many different ways, some of them physical. Anxiety attacks, aching limbs and unexplainable exhaustion can all be symptoms of your work taking too high a toll on you. Physically demanding jobs can exact an even higher toll, creating huge wear and tear on your body which can leave you feeling burnt out and resentful.

#6: You have a work personality and you don’t like it

Career Change

As you pull into the car park, you feel your alter-ego settle over you like a black cloud. Workplace professionalism is one thing, but if you feel like a completely different person in your role, it might be time to wonder why that is. If you find yourself acting like a completely different person and not a better person at that, think about why you’re acting this way at work, whether it be a defensive mechanism or if it’s the role demanding it of you.

#7: You’ve explored all your options at work

Career Change

You’ve reached the top of the ladder, or as high as you can in your profession and the view isn’t everything you’d hope it would be. Chasing meaningless promotion and promotion can delay the inevitable if you’re hoping for a change in your job situation. If your work is no longer challenging you or offering you new opportunities, it might be time to start looking elsewhere.

#8: You’re researching other careers

Career Change

If you’re reading this article, it could be a good indication that it’s time for you to move on. The person working in the job of their dreams isn’t reading this article after all. Maybe you’re revisiting your childhood aspirations, or maybe your interests have changed over time and your job no longer lines up with your ideals. You could be finding yourself daydreaming about writing the next Harry Potter series or making a more meaningful impact on the world by saving lives. Either way, if your head and heart aren’t in your job, look into what you think will make you happy in a job.

Working out what job will give you the best work satisfaction is a different process for everyone, and realising you’re not happy with what your doing is the first step. There will always be a hundred reasons why you shouldn’t leave your current career; money, friends, convenience. But at the end of the day, we spend a ⅓ of our lives at work, don’t you want to use that time to do something you love, or at the very least, find rewarding? Check out our article on how changing your job changes your life for more information.

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