Petrol Prices: Drivers almost at their limit

3 January 2014

Just how much more pain can Australians take at the petrol bowsers before they’re forced to make radical changes to the way they use their cars? An exclusive survey* conducted by low-cost insurance provider Budget Direct has found it will take only 20 cents extra a litre before almost a third of Australians will consider leaving their cars at home.

An astonishing 30% of people will keep driving their cars regardless of the price of petrol. It would take fuel to reach $2 per litre before 23% of Australians would consider other modes of transport. One in 5 would start reaching for their bus passes with petrol up to $2 per litre, and almost a third (28%) of those surveyed said petrol at $1.80 per litre would be enough to force them to make changes. 


While those prices might seem sky high its worth remembering in 2010 the average price of ULP was just $1.27. With petrol averaging $1.47 in November 2013 and prices around the $1.60 mark in many centres, $1.80 per litre doesn’t seem so farfetched.

The survey by Budget Direct also found many Australians are using other ways to save on petrol and maintenance costs.

  • 63% are driving less
  • 53% are washing their cars at home instead of a car wash
  • 30% are taking public transport more often
  • 16% are putting on their DIY hats and doing their own car servicing.

*Source: McCrindle Research Survey conducted on behalf of Budget Direct. 1436 respondents aged 18 and over participated from Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth.  

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