Do you offer any optional extras?

For an additional premium, you may be able to add one or more of the following optional benefits to your Comprehensive Motorcycle Insurance policy:

  • Accident hire car - Get a compact hire car if your motorcycle is damaged in an accident, for up to 14 days. (You’re already covered for a compact hire car if your bike is stolen.)

  • Riding gear - Repair or replacement of your and/or your pillion passenger’s helmet and other riding gear (up to 10 years old) if they’re damaged in an accident, up to a nominated amount of either $1,000, $2,000, or $3,000.

  • Choice of repairer - If you have a claim with us, you can nominate your preferred repairer (subject to our approval).

  • Reduced windshield excess - Reduce your excess for damage to your motorcycle’s windshield to just $40.

How much can I insure my motorcycle for?

With Budget Direct, you can insure your motorcycle for its market value or, in some cases, for an agreed value.

Market value is the value of the motorcycle at the time of loss or damage, taking into account factors such as the make, model, age, kilometres travelled and overall condition.

Agreed value is the amount we agree to insure your motorcycle for during each 12-month term of insurance. It includes any specified maximum value you have selected for additional accessories or modifications.

The value for which your motorcycle is covered is shown on your insurance certificate.

Which riders must be listed on my policy?

You must list any household members (including learners, provisional and occasional riders) who may ride the motorcycle. Unlisted household members will not be covered. 

While any non-household members who are not excluded from riding (e.g. due to age restrictions) are automatically covered.

If you list them on your policy, you’ll avoid having to pay the unlisted rider excess (other excesses may apply).

How can I pay for my motorcycle insurance?

You can pay your Budget Direct motorcycle insurance premium by direct debit from your bank account or through a credit card.

You can pay monthly or annually (the last option is the most economical).

Can I insure multiple motorcycles?

You will need a separate policy for each of your motorcycles. You can link your motorcycle policy (and others) to your online account to make managing multiple policies easier.

Can I insure a motorcycle without a licence?

No, you will need a valid motorcycle licence to be a policyholder. Also, anyone else that happens to ride your motorcycle will need a valid motorcycle licence too.

When does my Motorcycle Insurance take effect?

Your Budget Direct Motorcycle Insurance will take effect from the day you buy the policy unless you’ve chosen a later date for your cover to begin, in which case it will take effect on that date instead.