As one of the most mobile populations in the world, Australians are used to moving house, relocating for work or study, or changing their lifestyles altogether.

And when it comes to moving houses or finding a rental property there can be a lot of hidden costs. This is why we’ve put together a list of budget-friendly moving tips with heaps of ways to help you save money on your next move.

Budgeting Before the Move

Compare Removalist Costs

One of the most important ways you can save is by comparing the cost of removalists. Removalist costs can vary significantly depending on how much you’re moving and where you’re moving to. This is why it’s a good idea to compare removalist costs first before booking online. Services like Muval can help with this.

Compare Storage Costs

It’s important to compare storage costs as well (especially if you’re downsizing). Storage prices for the same size unit can vary from each facility. But the overall price will depend on the location of the storage unit, the size and position of the unit and how long you want to store your belongings.

Create a Moving House Checklist

Writing a moving house checklist before the big day will help you prioritise what needs to be completed immediately and what can be left until the week before the move.

Organise your home with Budget Direct’s Moving House Checklist.

Check Connection and Cancellation Fees

If you’re moving close by, you can usually transfer your address under the same utility provider. But, if you’re moving interstate, you’ll most likely have to close all of your utility accounts including power, gas, phone and internet. Closing your accounts can lead to early cancellation fees and set up fees once you move.

Money-Saving Packing Tips

Do a Pre-Move Clean Out

Starting with a "pre-move" clean out will help you get rid of anything you don’t need, use or have space for in your new home. If your home is organised before your big move it will be a lot easier to pack up your belongings. You’ll also save on moving expenses when your removalists have less to move.

Use Existing Storage Items

Start collecting storage items well in advance like luggage, tubs, plastic bags, laundry bins, suitcases and as many boxes as you own to help save on the cost of cardboard boxes. You can also collect packing materials like packing tape, packing paper and plastic wrap.

Don’t Use Bubble Wrap

Consider avoiding use of bubble wrap in boxes with fragile items. Instead, you could opt to wrap glasses and other lighter items in softer protective fabrics found in the home like towels or tea towels and fill any empty spaces left in the moving box with bunched-up paper or soft linen.

Prep Meals and Snacks

Try to prepare what you’re going to eat throughout the moving process ahead of time. Go for meals that don’t need to be heated, don’t require refrigeration, or pack an esky the night before moving day. This will help you to avoid spending on fast food. Remember to bring paper plates and cutlery for each meal.

Pack a ‘Moving Day’ Box

Having a dedicated 'Moving Day' box will allow you to throw in any last-minute items right before you move. This will stop you from paying for extra toiletries and personal belongings that were already packed away.

Budget Tips for Moving House

Check on Permits

Make sure you and your removalists don’t get any parking fines in the moving truck. Find out whether you need a permit for when the movers arrive and where you can park to avoid additional fees.

Do the Cleaning Yourself

Cleaning your home yourself can help you save a lot on cleaning fees. While professional cleaning may sound like the easiest way to get the cleaning done; scheduling a day or even multiple days to clean your home can help you stay on track throughout the moving process.

Move on a Weekday

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday are the optimal days for moving. There’s a lot less demand for removalists on these days which means there could be cheaper moving rates too.

Avoid Peak Hour

Try to avoid moving during peak hours so you don’t get caught in traffic. This way you could also save on the amount spent on petrol.

Home Insurance

Although we don’t cover your contents whilst in transit,  Budget Direct does offer easy-to-understand Home and Contents Insurance with 30%^ off your first year’s premium when you purchase a new policy online.

In the meantime, check out all of our moving house guides to help you stay organised during your move.