Now that Your Claim is Lodged

We will make a decision on your claim within 10 working days of receiving everything we need.

We also recognise that every claim is different and our timelines on claims can vary significantly from person to person based on the individual circumstances.

After your claim has been lodged, there is some more information you may need as you progress through the last stages of the claims process.


We may need to send someone to your property to assess the amount of loss or damage and determine whether it was caused by an insured event.

The assessment can be conducted either in person or via a virtual assessment tool and can take up to 60 minutes to complete. If we need to assess your home we’ll always reach out to you first to discuss this. We know life can be busy at times but we will try our best to book a time that suits everyone.


Decision and Settlement

Once your claim has been accepted, one of our friendly team members will work with you to determine the most appropriate outcome.

Depending on your claim, we may appoint a builder to complete repairs, and replace damaged or stolen goods, or alternatively, we may pay you an appropriate cash settlement.



At this stage our tradespeople will provide you with details about the scope of the work, the repairs that will be undertaken as well as the materials that will be used. They will also discuss repair timeframes and their availability as it relates to the repairs.

Repairs will be completed by professional, qualified tradespeople from our authorised repairer network. Our panel of builders and suppliers undergo strict selection criteria and ongoing performance reviews to ensure they align with our expectations and values. So you can rest assured, that the repair quality is guaranteed.

Your repairer will be your main point of contact, give you an estimated time frame and keep you updated on progress related to the repairs.


Major Claims

During major weather events, like floods or bushfires, our team is working around the clock to support each and every person in our community that has made a claim.

If your home is unlivable or requires a major rebuild, we will be here for you for as long as it takes. We have a strong track record of supporting customers and their families as they recover and rebuild.

You will be allocated a dedicated Case Manager to help arrange temporary and ongoing accommodation and oversee the progress of your claim to the very end.



If your claim relates to contents we will arrange replacement items for you from our panel of suppliers. If this is not possible, you may receive store credits to pick out your replacement items, or a cash settlement.


Provide Feedback

We want to resolve any complaint or dispute for you as quickly as possible. The best place to start is to make contact with our customer service teams:

Email [email protected]
Call 1800 069 336 for claims
        1800 182 310 for anything else

We will acknowledge your complaint within 24 hours of receiving it (or as soon as practicable).

Frequently Asked Questions

During an assessment, we look over your property or items to determine what the damage was caused by and how much damage there is.

We can conduct the assessment in person with one of our assessors or a partner builder/repairer, or in some cases, we can conduct a virtual assessment using pictures and videos.

Damage to your home can sometimes mean that you can’t continue living there. As part of your claim we can assist you, your family, and pets with temporary accommodation while your home is unliveable and being repaired or rebuilt.

Your home is considered ‘unliveable’ when it is so damaged that:

  • Normal domestic activities like cooking and sanitation cannot be performed; or
  • Local authorities will not provide permission for the home to be inhabited; or
  • We otherwise agree that you can’t live in the home.

Once our assessing team has inspected your home, we will review their report, including photos and the overall Scope of Works.

We will let you know when we receive the report and if anything further is required from you. We will then contact you to advise you of the claim outcome and what the next steps are.

In some cases, we may be able to immediately authorise your repairs before an assessment report has been submitted.

Disposal of any damaged items is covered as part of your insurance policy, so we can take care of that for you. While we ask that you do not throw anything out, it’s always best to speak with our claims consultants first. 

For example, if there was a flood and your carpets and furniture were ruined due to flood water, mud, or sewage then these items may need to be thrown out before an assessor visits your home. 

In some cases, we may also need to inspect an item to assess your claim and replace it to the same standard.

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