Quick guide to avoiding hail damage

For many of us our car is our pride and joy. So it’s no wonder when we hear the word ‘hail’ or see a green tinge in the sky that we go running for the keys to get ‘her’ to safety.

While Budget Direct covers damage to cars caused by storms, car owners can avoid the inconvenience the damage can cause by following these simple steps:

Be safe

Getting caught in a storm can be intense and scary, especially in the country, where safety can be many kilometers away.

Even if there is no hail, heavy rain can severely reduce visibility and flood roads.

To stay safe we recommend you:

Get Budget Direct’s Hail Hero

Sometimes there’s no time or opportunity to check the forecast or Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) website for weather warnings. Enter Hail Hero, a handy and award-winning* SMS alert system for Budget Direct customers.

About 10 minutes before a potential hailstorm is due to hit the postcode where your car is normally kept, we’ll text you a warning,  giving you precious minutes to get your car under cover.

Find out more about Hail Hero

Have a plan

If a hail storm is bearing down on you and your car, there are things you can do to stay safe and minimise damage, including:

Need to make a claim?

You can claim on your Budget Direct’s car insurance or home insurance policy by following these steps:

* Hail Hero was recognised in the Australian Business Awards Product Innovation category in 2012, and the 2012 Australian Insurance Industry Awards.

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