3 ways to keep your dog entertained and stimulated during isolation

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As social distancing and working from home becomes the new normal, there have been major adjustments to the way we live.

If you own a dog, they’ve probably noticed you’re around an awful lot more – and require a bit more attention!

Here are signs that show your dog might be under-stimulated –

  • Tail chasing – if your dog is chasing its tail, it may be trying to expel energy.
  • Vocal – your dog might be whining and demanding your attention.
  • Following you – finding your dog goes everywhere you do? They may be eager to play.

So, if you’re stuck in isolation with your furry companion, here are some tips on how to keep them entertained for hours.

#1 – Longer walks

Despite having to self-isolate at home, we can still get out for daily exercise!

It may seem like a no brainer – but taking your pooch on a long walk offers a variety of benefits including:

  • Improving mental health – dogs get stimulation outdoors with new smells, experiences, and nature exploration.
  • Quality time – you are the centre of your dog’s world! Spending quality time is constructive for both mental and physical health.
  • Less destruction – walking longer routes and taking different paths can help exert energy and reduce the likelihood of your pooch chewing through objects around the house.

As the perfect exercise partner, your dog gives you an excuse to get out and improve your physical fitness, all while getting much-needed entertainment and stimulation.

#2 – Interactive toys

Multi-functional, interactive toys are key for self-entertainment amongst dogs.

Different from your classic bone or tug of war rope, an interactive toy combines a treat dispensary, chew and bouncy toy, designed for hours of playtime and mental enrichment.

Did you know? – allowing a dog to play by themselves empowers them to develop a sense of independence!

Snack-based toys

Snack-based toys service your dog’s natural curiosity, designed to be poked and prodded for hours.

Created with strong, chewable rubber, all you need to do is pop a few treats inside the toy, and your dog can roll and play with it until they come out.

For food-driven dogs, snack-based toys are the perfect way to focus their attention on a specific activity and keep them entertained.


From plush to rubber, puzzle toys satisfy your dog’s sensors with different textures.

A food-dispending puzzle can help alleviate boredom while testing your dog’s sense of smell and problem-solving skills.

Take away the opportunity to chew through a household object by keeping your dog’s mind busy with a puzzle!

#3 – Frozen treats

Frozen treats, broth or bones are a great way to aid boredom for your pup.

Taking longer to break down, frozen treats keep your dog occupied and fixated on finishing them.

Ensure the frozen treats are large, and preferably in an ice cream tub, to avoid choking hazards.

They can also help numb gums, alleviating discomfort in the mouth, and less chance of wanting to chew other things, like your shoes!


It’s important to keep your dog both physically and mentally active to ensure they’re entertained throughout the day.

Always look out for signs of boredom, especially next time your pooch decides to follow you aimlessly around the house.

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