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Revolutionary home security tech

Recent statistics show that there were over 200,000* incidents relating to burglary or breaking and entering in Australia over the past year.

Don't become a statistic, see what new technology is available to protect your home from break-ins.



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Look like you’re home when you’re not.

BeON smart LED light bulbs quietly learn your everyday behaviour and replicate it when you’re away to deter unwanted visitors. The bulbs even listen out for the doorbell and switch on to give the illusion that somebody is coming to open the door.


Smart Lighting

Using an accompanying smartphone app, you can set the bulbs by activating ‘away’ mode and they’ll mimic your usual behaviour until you return - even when you have the lights switched off.

Connected security

Using Bluetooth, the bulbs share battery levels and learned light sequences with each other, all of which can be accessed by your smartphone. Via Smartphone you can also play with the light behaviour while you’re away.

Energy Saving

75% more energy efficient than incandescent light bulbs with an inbuilt battery backup.

Always Alert

BeON bulbs also tune in to other events in the home. A smoke or carbon dioxide alarm will prompt the bulbs to turn on for emergency lighting and easy evacuation, while a power outage will cause them to revert to using battery.

Stealth Defence, Combat 360

The Portable Smoke Security Unit

The Combat 360 is a small box that can be disguised as a regular household radiator and, when triggered by an intruder, releases a smoke screen that’ll completely fill a room, reducing visibility to almost 0% in less than a second.


Easy Setup

Taking a matter of minutes to set up and activated with a simple keyring attachment, it’s an ideal option to protect your possessions.

Security Extras

The range has also grown to include a flashing security strobe and an ear piercing alarm system to truly batter any intruder’s senses and prompting them to leave!


The smokescreen is proven to not damage or leave residue on any home furnishings, clothing or electrical items.

Affordable Protection

The Combat 360 uses approximately the same power as a 60-100w light bulb.


The little device that can sense activity through walls

Cocoon is a smart monitor that senses activity throughout your home and learns your day to day behaviour. It “listens” to infrasonic sound waves, audio that’s below 20 Hz and undetectable to the human ear, allowing it to check your home when you’re not there and alert you to anything out of the ordinary.


HD Camera

Features a HD camera with a wide angle lens and night vision for high quality streaming and recording for later review.

Motion Sensitivity

Sends a notification to your smartphone if anything out of the ordinary is detected. It can even be programmed to ignore any pet movement.

SUBSOUND™ Technology

Uses innovative SUBSOUND™ technology to detect activity through walls and floors, sensing air ripples which are converted into digital signals.

Record and Alarm

Cocoon allows you to watch live and record, as well as the option of sounding an alarm to disorientate intruders.


Turn your spare iOS devices into video monitoring cameras

The Manything app turns any iOS device into your own security camera allowing you to login from either your mobile or desktop and see what’s happening live from wherever you are.


Multiple Recording and Viewing Modes

Either watch live or record anything you want and it’s uploaded straight to the cloud for easy access.


Mask any areas that you don’t want to record ensuring that privacy is key.

Motion Sensitivity Alerts

Manything can send alerts to your smartphone when it detects motion in your home, from the tiniest movements to the biggest. You can customise how regularly you want to receive these alerts.

Detection Zones

An adjustable grid within the app lets you choose specific areas to monitor and record.


Make burglars think you’re watching TV

FakeTV is a small electronic device that replicates TV lighting flickers and even mimics the effects of scene changes, color shifts, and on-screen motion. It gives the impression somebody is home even when they aren’t.


The Box

FakeTV produces a variety of different lighting effects to look exactly like a television. None of the light patterns are repeated, so the flickering is as convincing as possible.


Viewed from outside, FakeTV makes it look just as if you were home watching TV.

Psychological Technology

FakeTV gives the illusion that your home is occupied making it a less inviting target for burglars.

Family Friendly

FakeTV is pretty easy to use even if technology isn’t your thing - just plug it in and set the timer. It is available in a variety of models to replicate different size TV’s including 27” and 40”, while only consuming as much energy as a bedside lamp.