Emergency Repairs

If you require immediate support, we can arrange a 'make safe' and complete temporary repairs to your property. The purpose of a ‘make safe’ is to reduce the amount of risk to those inside the home and prevent further damage to the home itself.

‘Make Safe’ Action Plan
  1. Prioritise Your Safety
    • Start by identifying the hazard and making sure everyone is safe
    • If it is an emergency - Call Triple Zero - (000)
    • If the hazard is ongoing - Contact the SES 132 500
  2. Secure the Area
    • Avoid the damaged area and any ongoing risk
    • Shut off all affected utilities like power, water, or gas (if it is safe to do so)
    • Secure the area to prevent further access, damage, and loss
  3. Contact Us for Claim Support
    • Call us 24/7 on 1800 069 336
    • We will organise a ‘Make Safe’ as a temporary course of action

Urgent Financial Need

If you need urgent financial assistance, please let us know. We may be able to fast track your claim or make an advance payment within five business days of you demonstrating your urgent financial need. Any advance payment may be deducted from the total value of your claim.

Professional Support

Recovering from a claim event can take time and you don’t have to do it alone. There are free, independent, and professional organisations (many available 24/7) who can offer support. A list of organisations is available on our Customer Assistance page.

Flood and Rain Affected Areas

Your safety is the top priority, please don’t do anything that puts anyone at risk. When you can safely access your property, we’ll be here to help.

Returning to Your Property
  1. Access
    Only return to your property when emergency services give the go ahead.
  2. Potential Hazards
    If water has entered the property, don't turn on your electricity until it has been inspected and signed off by an electrician.
  3. Preventing Further Damage
    If you have sustained roof damage and further damage may be caused by subsequent weather, please contact us to arrange a ‘make safe’ repair.

Temporary Accommodation: If you are unable to live at your property, we may be able to support you and your pets with temporary accommodation where your policy has this benefit.

What should I do with my flood-affected contents and carpet?
  1. Document the Damage
    You can start cleaning up, but first take pictures or videos of damage to the property and possessions, and keep samples of damaged materials and fabrics as evidence for your claim (for carpet, around a square meter should be fine, if it is safe to keep).
  2. Remove Water and Mud-Damaged Contents
    You are able to remove water or mud-damaged materials from your property that might pose a health risk, such as saturated carpets and soft furnishings (if the item is damaged and may be repairable or you are retaining destroyed items, store them somewhere where they do not pose a health risk).
  3. Keep a Record of Items
    You should make a list of all the damaged items and provide as much information as you can. This could include a description of the item, brand, model, and serial number.
  4. Purchase New Items
    If you have to purchase new items immediately to get you back on your feet, like a washing machine, fridge, or essential items then you’re able to do so. Please keep your receipts and if your Contents Insurance provides cover for these items and your claim for these items is accepted, we’ll provide you with a cash settlement for the covered items instead of replacing them.
  5. Replacement of Non-Essential Items
    If the replacement is not urgent, please make a list with a short description of the item and details such as brand, where the item was purchased and receipts/ proof of purchase if possible. Photos of the damaged items and replacement quotes may also help with the replacement process.
Check Your Vehicle for Water Damage
  1. Check Your Car for Damage
    When safe to do so, check your vehicle for water damage.
  2. Please Don’t Drive Your Vehicle
    If your vehicle has suffered water damage - do not drive the vehicle.  We will arrange for it to be towed to as assessment location. If in doubt, please contact us.
  3. Clean and Dry the Car as Best You Can
    Doing so will reduce the risk of mould damage.
What to Do if You Find Additional Damage After Lodging Your Claim
Additional Damage

If you locate additional damage that was caused by the same event after lodging your claim but prior to a builder or assessor visiting your property (virtually or in-person), you do not need to contact us to update your claim.

Please document the damage uncovered and discuss this with the builder when the assessment (virtual or in-person) happens.  

If your assessment has already occurred, please contact your builder or assessor directly. If this is not possible, please send an email to [email protected] with photos and a description of the additional damage.

When to Contact Us
  1. If a ‘Make Safe’ (Temporary Repairs) is Required
    If your home requires immediate temporary repairs (a ‘make safe’) to ensure the property is safe and prevent further damage, please contact us.
  2. Unrelated Event
    Where the damage is not related to the same event, please contact us as this may need to be managed as a separate claim.

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