The latest chapter of the campaign draw’s a picture of a Budget Direct customer taking advantage of our 24/7 phone claims service, while the risk lovin’ Captain Risky, the antithesis of the Budget Direct customer, finds himself in. Our latest TV ad allows Budget Direct to further showcase the depth and quality of customer service we provide to our customers.

The ad shows a Budget Direct customer staring in dumbfounded shock. He has driven straight into a lamppost and the hazard lights are flashing. We see him dial Budget Direct from his smartphone, he is relaxed as he knows that everything is going to be ok. The TVC demonstrates that customers can rely on Budget Direct to look after them when things go wrong.

This is contrasted by Captain Risky who is dangling upside down from his parachute, he has crashed his gyrocopter and is trying to get help from a kangaroo. The kangaroo is just staring at him, absent minded chewing on leaves & grass. Captain Risky isn’t and never will be a Budget Direct customer so he missed out on the great benefits our customers receive like a 24/7 phone claims service.

Essentially, the campaign aims to show that customers get more with Budget Direct.

‘Kangaroo’ aired on Monday, January 2nd , with more instalments to follow across television, digital and social channels.

‘Kangaroo’ was directed by Hamish Rothwell at Goodoil, with effects by Alt VFX. Agency 303