The scene is set with Budget Direct customers being provided with temporary accommodation while their home is being repaired. On the other hand, the hapless Captain Risky finds himself as a non Budget Direct customer in accommodation which is far from a home away from home.

The TVC begins with the family opening up the door to their new accommodation and the little girl says “It’s just like home!”. They enter the house with huge excitement, they cannot wait to check-out their new accommodation.

While the risk lovin’ Captain Risky, the contrast of the Budget Direct customer, finds himself in a pickle. Risky is sitting in his cosy caravan with his beloved pets, a Bear and a Rabbit, exchanging views on the events which led to this snug situation; but things aren’t rosey in the Risky caravan for long, a tiff breaks out which ends in disaster for Captain Risky once again!

The TVC demonstrates that customers can rely on Budget Direct to look after them when things go wrong. Captain Risky isn’t and never will be a Budget Direct customer, so he missed out on the great benefits our customers receive temporary accommodation.

‘Captain Risky’s Caravan’ aired on Sunday, 7th May, with more instalments to follow across television, digital and social channels.

‘Captain Risky’s Caravan’ was directed by Hamish Rothwell at Goodoil, with effects by Alt VFX. Agency 303 MullenLowe.