Sponsorships Solved

Want to make a positive impact in your community?
We’re here to help!

Our goals

At Budget Direct, we’re passionate about helping create positive and caring communities. We get that sometimes a big idea needs a little help.

We'll consider your sponsorship request whether you’re a leader in your field or a grassroots organisation. As long as you want to make meaningful improvements to the lives of Australians, you have our attention. Requesting sponsorship from Budget Direct is the first step of this exciting journey.

Calendar for applications

Sponsorship period Start date End date
Sponsorship period 1 1 June 2019 31 August 2019
Sponsorship period 2 1 September 2019 30 November 2019
Sponsorship period 3 1 December 2019 29 February 2020
Sponsorship period 4 1 March 2020 31 May 2020

Applications will be reviewed in the first month of the following quarter. Budget Direct asks that you please keep this in mind if your application for sponsorship is time sensitive.

What type of organisations will Budget Direct sponsor?

Budget Direct is open to supporting organisations that:

  • Provide a service or other benefit for the community, on either a local or state basis;
  • Provide awareness and education;
  • Promote health, education, and wellbeing in their communities, sporting clubs included;
  • Help to build friendly, supportive communities across Australia;
  • Provide assistance and care for Australians in need;
  • Provide road safety and emergency support services;
  • Encourage healthy lifestyles; and
  • Are a registered organisation or association.

Organisations out of scope

Before applying for sponsorship, please read the following.

We will not consider applications if any of these criteria apply:

  • Requests to sponsor individuals/individual sporting teams (sporting clubs are accepted);
  • Organisations or activities that go against our brand values and business needs;
  • Religious groups, political parties or lobby groups; and
  • Organisations linked to contentious issues.

Our review process

Our team will assess your proposal to see if it aligns with our focus on community support and aspirations.

We will be in touch to let you know if your request has been successful!

Unfortunately, due to a high volume of sponsorship requests, only successful proposals will be notified.

If your sponsorship request is time-sensitive, we ask that you submit your request as far in advance as possible.

Sponsorships will be assessed and granted quaterly in amounts of $1,000 - $5,000.

Apply now!

To apply, download your application form below. Once complete, please scan and email to: sponsorships@budgetdirect.com.au