Fridays really are a dark day on our nation’s roads

12 June 2014

It’s coming up to that time of year, when black cats, broken mirrors and ladders are everyone’s worst fears. The one and only Friday the 13th of 2014 falls in June. 

But if you don’t have Friggatriskaidekaphobia, the fear of Black Friday (we didn’t just make that up, apparently it’s a real phobia), Fridays really are statistically scarier on our roads.

In both regional and metropolitan cities and towns, Friday is the day of the week you’re more likely to have a car accident, according to new crash data from low cost insurance provider Budget Direct. 

Looking at car accident statistics from the past 5 years Friday has the dubious honour of coming out on top of all other days of the week for claims made (16.5%). The safest days to be out on the roads are on the weekend (Sunday 10.1%, Saturday 13.5%), so maybe all those Sunday drivers are doing us all a favour. 

 “Perhaps Friday is our worst traffic accident day, because we’re all in a hurry to get home, and get our weekends started,” says Margueritte Rossi from Budget Direct.

“People have exciting plans for Friday night, or weekends away that they want to get started as soon as possible. Let’s face it, not many of us are in a rush to get to work first thing on a Monday morning.

“By not being 100% concentrated on your driving and the road conditions, your chance of being involved in an accident always increases,” says Ms Rossi.

It’s the same story in New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria, with all three states showing higher number of claims falling on a Friday. In those three states Sunday again was the safest day on the roads.

Budget Direct’s figures are backed up by a recent report from the Bureau of Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Economics (Road deaths Australia, 2013 Statistical Summary BITRE, Canberra ACT)* which found for the three years from 2011 to 2013 Fridays had the highest number of fatal crashes, with evenings between 3pm to 8:59pm the highest risk time for a fatal crash on a Friday. 

To read more about other quirky phobias go to Budget Direct’s blog:


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