Budget Direct: Quit Smoking for Life

31 December 2013

It’s no surprise ‘Quit Smoking’ spikes as a search term on Google in January each year, as people try to honour their New Year’s resolutions. Now, low cost insurance provider Budget Direct wants to give additional motivation to those trying to kick the habit in 2014.

If you give up cigarettes in 2014 and don’t smoke for 12 consecutive months, with Budget Direct Life Insurance it is possible you could qualify for non-smoker rates, saving your health and yourself money.

Not surprisingly premiums are cheaper for non-smokers. With Budget Direct Life Insurance, a 45 year old non-smoking man would pay 46% less each year in premiums versus a smoker of the same age and gender for $500,000 worth of cover.

A smoker who burns up 20 cigarettes a day, at $20 per pack would take only 2 months to save $1000 if they quit. Spread that out over 2014 and there’s $6000 per year in your pocket that isn’t going up in smoke.

If you keep off the cigarettes in 2014 the health benefits will also add up. According to the Federal Governments Quit Now website within twelve months of quitting smoking, your increased risk of dying from heart disease is half that of a continuing smoker.

But we get it’s not easy. A study conducted by Pfizer of the three million Australians who smoke, found a quarter make a New Year’s resolution to quit, and nine out of 10 of these resolutions fail.

Budget Direct is hoping Life Insurance cover is one of the resolutions added to the list for many in 2014. For a possible cost of only a few dollars a day, you could purchase peace of mind in 2014. Rice Warner Actuaries calculate that 95% of families do not possess adequate insurance. This equates to $1.37 trillion in under-insurance.

Whatever your resolution the team at Budget Direct wishes everyone a happy and healthy New Year!

For further information or interviews please contact Jonathan Kerr, Director, Marketing & Digital, Budget Direct (Auto & General) at 07 3377 8801 or mediaenquiries@budgetdirect.com.au

Budget Direct was established as an insurance provider in Australia in 2000.  It is part of the international BHL Group of companies headquartered in the British Isles. The group provides more than 6.8 million policies to insurance customers and administers $2 billion in premiums annually. Budget Direct offers Motor, Home & Contents, Health, Life and Travel Insurance as well as Roadside Assistance.