Designed especially for Budget Direct customers, Smart Alert delivers accurate and timely weather warnings to your phone and will notify you when there is a hail storm or bush fire in your vicinity.

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Budget Direct Smart Alert App

Australia is a nation of extremes. The storms and fires that ravage Australia’s states and territories each year, not only cause damage to thousands of homes and vehicles but can also have devastating effects on peoples’ lives.

With the help from Smart Alert, you can be prepared for when Mother Nature strikes and have more time to put preventative measures in place to protect your home, vehicle and loved ones.

Smart Alert Features

Set up your personal alert network, by including your home, your current location and other addresses that are important to you e.g. your parent's home.

Receive alert messages when damaging hail or bushfires approach one of the locations in your network.

Share alert notifications with your family and friends.

Smart Alert App Setup Guide

The App is provided free to Budget Direct customers, although the user may incur mobile phone data charges when downloading and using the app, which will not be paid for by Budget Direct.

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