Hail Hero SMS

  • Hail-tracking and - warning system.
  • Automatically provided free of charge to all Budget Direct car insurance customers.
  • Texts warnings of hailstorms approaching your home address.
  • Gives you time - ideally 10 minutes or more - to get your car under cover.
  • Winner of national business and insurance industry awards.

Smart Alert App

  • Hail- and bushfire-monitoring and -alert system.
  • Can be downloaded for free by Budget Direct customers.
  • Notifies you of hailstorms or fires heading towards your current location plus four other addresses you nominate.
  • Gives you time to take preventative measures.
  • Allows you to check fire-danger ratings, set a radius distance for bushfire alerts, view live radar of approaching hailstorms, and more.

Introduction to the Smart Alert App

How to set up the Smart Alert App

The Smart Alert App is free, however when you download and use the app, you may incur mobile phone data charges. 

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