Free to our customers

Hail Hero is a free service for all Budget Direct Car Insurance customers. It doesn’t matter what kind of car insurance policy you have with us. If you’re a Budget Direct customer, you’re covered. And now, thanks to Hail Hero, so is your car.

How Hail Hero works

Our system tracks the approaching hailstorm and where it’s heading. If we think it will produce damaging hail at your address, we send you a text message so you’ve got time to get your car under cover.

It’s an early warning system

Often the first you know about a hailstorm is when the hail is hitting your roof. And by then your car may already be damaged. The Hail Hero system ideally gives you at least ten minutes to get your car under cover before the storm hits.

You save because we save

Our Hail Hero system means lower premiums for you. Why? Because getting your car undercover before the hailstorm hits could save us thousands in repair bills. That's what's so great about it—everybody wins.


An award-winning idea

Hail Hero has been praised at the Australian Business Awards, the Australian Insurance Industry Awards, and by CANSTAR. It's a simply smarter way to provide lower premiums.