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Extras Cover

When it comes to maintaining your health, you may need to call on any number of specialists—dentist, optometrist, physiotherapist, massage therapist, chiropractor, podiatrist, psychologist, and so on.

And, as you can imagine, their services can be very expensive.

That’s why you need Budget Direct Health Insurance Extras Cover. It helps you pay for these services so you can use them when you need to instead of just when you can afford to.

Basic Extras

If you only need the commonly used services - optical, the occasional alternative therapy treatment and a regular check-up and clean at the dentist - our Basic Extras cover may be all you need.

About Basic Extras

Top Extras

If you want peace of mind - our best coverage, lots of services and high limits to help pay for them - our Top Extras cover is for you.

About Top Extras

Choose How Much You Get Back

When you sign up for our Extras cover (Basic or Top), you can choose how much you’ll get back from the provider—55% or 85%.

Just remember that extras cover has a fixed limit for the year, so getting 85% back each time means you could reach that limit pretty quickly.

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