What to pack for a cruise for first time cruisers

Packing for a cruise can be quite a bit different to packing for a normal holiday, given that you could be out to sea for up to a week at a time without access to local shops and onshore facilities. And while there usually are shops on board for you to stock up on essentials in an emergency, they can often be quite pricey so it’s always a good idea to plan ahead.

This list doesn’t cover all your usual holiday needs like clothes and toiletries (use our customisable travel packing list to work out what to take there), but rather the 8 essential items you can pack to make your cruise trip even cruiser!

#1. Seasickness remedies

If you find that you get motion sickness when you travel, having some quick ready remedies on hand can be a life saver. From natural treatments like ginger tablets, motion sickness patches and OTC antihistamines, there are plenty of options to nip your motion sickness in the bud.

#2. Binoculars

A fun thing to bring on a cruise that you might not think to bring on a normal holiday is a pair of binoculars, especially for longer cruises. Depending on where your cruise is headed, you might be lucky enough to spot some dolphins, whales or some interesting looking islands off the deck.

#3. Offline entertainment

If you find yourself at a loss with what to do with your time (though considering all of the amazing onboard activities and events it’s highly unlikely) it’s a good idea to bring a device pre-loaded with entertainment options such as books, movies and tv shows. Access to the internet is available on most cruise lines, but it may be slower than the connection speed you’re used to on land, which can make it hard for streaming.

#4. Formal wear

For first time cruisers it’s important to know certain formal events on board such as cocktail evenings can have a dress code, so be sure to bring at least one outfit that doesn’t include a sarong and sandals!

#5. Portable battery charger

There won’t be an abundance of power points in communal parts of the cruise ship, so having a portable battery charger for your phone and other electrical devices can mean you don’t have to worry about missing out on any amazing photo ops on your excursions onshore.

#6. Bathing coverups

Part of the fun of a cruise is getting to experience the world class facilities on board such as the massive swimming pools. But make sure you don’t get caught in just your swimmers on the way to the lunch line, certain parts of the ship have dress codes, so having a handy coverup with you can save you precious buffet time.

#7. Lip balm

This small item can really be a lifesaver if you’re planning on spending lots of time up on deck. The wind can be very strong out to sea which can really dry your lips out. Having a lip balm means you can enjoy the spectacular views on deck for longer.

#8. Cruise cover

Once you leave Australian waters your medicare and private health insurance is no longer in effect, meaning you won’t be covered for any medical emergencies or treatments needed. One of the benefits of having international travel insurance with Budget Direct means you’ll automatically be covered for cruises and can be covered for cancellation and amendment fees, loss or theft of luggage and personal effects and overseas medical and hospital expenses. See PDS for full details.

This post was brought to you by Budget Direct Travel Insurance

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