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Lord Howe Island The Tahiti of Australia

Deep blue waters, green forested hills and towering peaks standing guard above it all: it sounds like Bora Bora or Gros Piton in St. Lucia (Caribbean), but if you’re in Australia, you’d be describing Lord Howe Island, off the NSW coast. Welcome to paradise...

Top attractions

Scuba Diving

Feed the fish at Ned’s Beach

This is a must-do on the island – standing in knee-deep water with swarms of small, colourful fish darting around your legs.

Scuba Diving

Hike the trails

Lord Howe is covered with awesome hiking trails ranging from super-relaxing to downright gruelling. Panoramic views abound!

Scuba Diving

Deep sea fishing charters

The fishing around Lord Howe is phenomenal by any standards, and a day out on the water is always an adventure.

Ball’s Pyramid

That tall, formidable-looking spike of rock that juts out of the sea near Lord Howe is called Balls Pyramid. In the past, a few people have climbed it – including Dick Smith, creator of Australian Geographic. These days it’s highly protected, however, because a species of stick insect once thought to be extinct was found to be hanging around out there. These days, you can still take a boat trip out to see it.

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