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Port Lincoln The Gansbaai of Australia

In Gansbaai, South Africa, you can get into an underwater cage while white sharks patrol nearby. Shark encounters like this are also possible in Australia, and one of the hotspots is Port Lincoln in South Australia. Adventure Bay Charters is one company that will help you get close to sharks.

Top attractions

Scuba Diving

Cage diving

This is the ultimate undersea adventure, with nothing but a metal cage separating you from the most powerful sharks in the ocean.

Scuba Diving


For those who don’t want to share the water with sharks, the Aqua-sub allows viewing from a glass underwater viewing area.

Scuba Diving

Swim with sea lions

Enjoy a half-day tour in the crystal clear waters of Seal Cove, where you’ll be enchanted by the ‘puppies of the sea’.

Great whites

The great white shark (or ‘white pointer’) is the largest predatory fish on earth. Its 300 teeth don’t chew anything – they’re used to tear prey into bite-sized chunks before swallowing. When they want to, they can swim quite fast, chasing down prey that includes large seals, dolphins and fish of every size. The most famous white shark is probably the artificial one used in the making of the movie Jaws.1