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Cradle Mountain The Southland of Australia

Seeing the Northern Lights in Canada, Alaska or northern Europe is a special experience, and spotting the Southern Lights is just as cool. You might glimpse the Aurora Australis in Southland (New Zealand) - but if you’re lucky, Cradle Mountain and other parts of Tasmania are a definite possibility too.

Top attractions

Scuba Diving

Bruny Island

The area from Bruny Island to the south of Hobart is a dark part of the state, which makes it perfect for stargazing.

Scuba Diving


On a clear winter night, make your way to Swansea for epic views of the night sky. Here there are no mountains to block your view.

Scuba Diving

Hope Beach

Hope Beach is more than just a prime surfing spot – it’s also a serious stargazer’s dream. Nights with little wind are best.

Stargazing tips

Get up as high as you can and bring a red flashlight to protect your night vision. Start with binoculars before you invest big money on a fancy telescope. Get yourself a star chart and a few good stargazing apps, and you’re good to go!

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