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Mount Augustus The Yosemite of Australia

Mount Augustus in the Upper Gascoyne region of Western Australia is officially the largest rock in the world. It’s twice the size of Uluru, eight kilometres long and 5,000 hectares in size. For avid hikers, rock climbers and nature photographers, it’s a premier destination to seek out rugged beauty.

Top attractions

Scuba Diving

Climb to the top

Two trails lead to the summit: the Class 4 Summit Trail and the Class 4/5 Gully Trail. The Summit Trail is 12 kilometres return.1

Scuba Diving

Walk around it instead

The Mt. Augustus Outback Tourist Resort can give advice on surrounding walking trails around the mountain, if you don’t feel the urge to summit it.

Scuba Diving

Take photos like a pro

There’s no big secret to amazing Mount Augustus photos: just wait until dusk, grab your camera, wait for the stunning colour changes and start clicking.

The ‘largest rock on earth’ debate

When your puzzled mates in the pub say ‘What!? Biggest rock on earth!? Mt. Augustus!? Never heard of it!’ you can explain to them (preferably with a slightly haughty tone) that the difference between Mt. Augustus and Uluru is this: Mt. Augustus is the largest rock on the planet overall (it’s what geologists call a monocline), while Uluru is the largest rock monolith (single rock).

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