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The Tanami Desert The Mojave Desert of Australia

If you’ve seen the movie ‘The Martian’, you know that stark, red, alien-looking landscapes can look pretty cool. But where can you find them without a spaceship? Wadi Rum in Jordan and the deserts of Utah, New Mexico and Arizona come to mind – but how about Australia’s own Tanami Desert?

Top attractions

Scuba Diving

Self-contained exploration

The Tanami Desert Area is owned by local Aboriginal groups and you need a permit for public access. This is truly ‘the middle of nowhere’.

Scuba Diving

Millions of stars

There is a still beautiful quietness at night. Not even a gentle sound of evening breeze. You’ll be in awe of Tanami Deserts’ sparkling sky of stars. More than you’ll ever see in a lifetime.

Scuba Diving

The Wolfe Creek Crator

Another interesting site worth a visit. The Wolfe Creek meteorite crater is the second largest crater in the world measuring 880 metres across and almost circular.

Empty alien landscapes

The Tanami is Australia’s northernmost desert, with an annual average rainfall of 400 millimetres. The Tanami Track is often flooded during the northern wet season. The scorching evaporation rate keeps the Tanami quite dry overall, however. Summer temperatures can hit 45°C, but between May and August it can get cold enough to have night frosts. And yes, the nights are so clear, you can see Mars...