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The Ningaloo Reef The Red Sea of Australia

Ningaloo is the largest fringing coral reef in the world, stretching for over 300 kilometres from the Exmouth area to the south of Coral Bay. Ningaloo is unique because it’s so close to the coast, making it Australia’s most accessible coral reef – and the marine life is amazing!

Top attractions

Scuba Diving

Snorkel right off the beach

Here, just a few steps from shore, you can find yourself swimming in the midst of colourful reef life - the reef is literally at your feet!

Scuba Diving

Swim with a whale shark

From April to August, hop on a whale shark vessel to search for these gentle giants and share the ocean with them – it’s magic!

Scuba Diving

Sea kayak adventures

Take a sea kayak tour to the outer reef and snorkel with beautiful marine life – you get the best of both worlds in one adventure.

10,000 turtle nests... and counting

The Ningaloo coast is home to loggerhead, green and hawksbill turtles – with an estimated 10,000 nesting sites used each year. Ningaloo is also famous for its large sea mammals – you might be lucky to spot blue, humpback, fin, northern minke or sei whales, dolphins, orcas sea lions or dugongs. Another large creature that makes regular appearances at Ningaloo is the manta ray. What makes the clear lagoon so inviting? Its average depth is only 2 to 4 metres.1

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