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Budget Direct Health Insurance Hospital Cover

Hospital. It’s a nice place to visit, but not exactly where you’d choose to stay.

Unfortunately, you don’t always get a choice. And the last thing you want to worry about while you’re being treated is whether you can pay for it all.

That’s why Budget Direct Health Insurance Hospital Cover is so important. It covers your expenses—treatment, accommodation, medication, etc.—so you can focus on getting back on your feet.

Obviously, how much you’re covered for depends on the level of hospital cover you have, what you’re treated for, and which hospital you choose to stay in. But we realise you may not want to pay for health cover you won’t use. That’s why we have three levels of cover for you to choose from.

Which Budget Direct Health Insurance Hospital cover is best for you?

Public Hospital Cover

If you want options, but don’t need the “star treatment”, our Public Hospital cover may be all you need. You get cover for lots of treatments without having to pay top dollar.

Mid Hospital Cover

If you want good coverage but don’t need everything, our Mid Hospital cover might be a good option. You get the perks of private cover without the top cover price tag.

Top Hospital Cover

If you want peace of mind, this may be the cover for you. You get cover for many types of treatment, as well as private privileges in both public and participating private hospitals.

Still not sure which cover you need?

If you’re still not sure which cover you need, view our comparison table. It explains the benefits each level of cover gives you so you can quickly compare them.

Compare Our Hospital Cover 

Australia wide ambulance

Your hospital cover will include emergency ambulance cover. This will cover you for all clinically necessary, emergency ambulance services in Australia.

We recommend checking with your state Ambulance authority to ensure you are correctly covered for all non-emergency ambulance transport within Australia.

What are Budget Direct Health Insurance’s excesses?

All Budget Direct Health Insurance hospital covers have an excess.

The most you’ll have to pay each calendar year is:

  • $450 for Singles
  • $900 for Couples and Families
  • No hospital excess for child dependents when admitted as a private patient

If one person from a Couple or Family membership goes to hospital, they’ll have a maximum excess of $450. The maximum excess of $900 applies only when more than one person being covered is hospitalised.

No hospital excess for kids

No hospital excess will apply if your child is admitted as a private patient

What Are The Waiting Periods?

A waiting period is simply the period of time you have to wait before you can claim, they apply to both hospital and extras covers. Budget Direct Health Insurance’s standard hospital waiting periods are:

Hospital Cover Waiting Periods and Benefit Limitation Periods
24 months Benefit Limitation Periods apply to gastric banding and all obesity surgeries or renal dialysis (that means you’re covered but for public hospital benefits in a shared room after your other waiting periods have been served)
12 months Obstetrics, maternity care and pre-existing conditions (except psychiatric, rehab or palliative care)
2 months Psychiatric, rehab or palliative care and any other hospital treatment
1 day Ambulance transport, accidents

Further Information

For more information about hospital cover, medical gap, excesses, waiting periods, benefit limitation periods and pre-existing conditions please consult the Member Guide.

This information is important and should be read and retained.