Road Safety Week


193 cyclists have died on Australian roads in the last five years

Cyclists are one of the types of road users most likely to be seriously injured or worse in the event of a crash. 193 cyclists have died on Australian roads in the last five years.

Cyclists should try to be as visible as possible to other road users, including using reflectors and lights when travelling at night or in low visibility weather. Cyclists should make clear and concise hand signals to alert traffic where they intend to go. Unless there is a no bicycle sign on the footpath, cyclists are allowed to ride on the footpath if they don’t feel confident on the road.

Drivers can help to keep cyclists safe by making sure they give cyclists plenty of room. The law states that a vehicle travelling 60km/h or under must leave 1 meter between themselves and the cyclist. If travelling over 60km/h then the distance kept between the vehicle and cyclist must be 1.5 meters. Drivers are allowed to cross over double lines when passing cyclists but only if it is safe to do so.

Did you know?

Cyclists in Queensland must ride on the left-hand side of a single lane road but may ride in any position within the lane on a multi-lane road.