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Road Safety Week

Thursday, 19 November

Protecting every life

It’s not just those in cars who become victims of road trauma. Drive safely to protect every life out there, including pedestrians.

Pedestrian Safety

How many pedestrians are killed each year in Australia? It varies - but to give you an idea, in the 12 months leading up to the end of April 2020, there were 156 road deaths involving pedestrians. It’s clear that both drivers and those on foot need to pay more attention to the dangers of shared roads.

Around schools, car parks, shopping centres and green spaces, pedestrians are especially vulnerable and should be extra careful about stepping in front of vehicles that may have poor visibility. A car travelling at just 10kms per hour can kill a person, so situational awareness is crucial for everyone using our roads.

Drivers should be particularly cautious late at night around entertainment districts, where inebriated party-goers may suddenly appear in front of the bonnet. Other danger zones include areas where foot traffic is substantial but crosswalks are limited: you’re more likely to encounter risk-taking jaywalkers in these environments. Also remember that when backing out of your driveway, passing pedestrians have right of way.

As a pedestrian, there are some important rules to know:

  • You’re only allowed to cross a road diagonally at intersections where it’s allowed
  • You must cross a road by the shortest possible route and only when the light flashes green
  • You must cross at a crossing if there’s one within 20 metres

Did you know?

In recent years, a new pedestrian hazard has emerged in many parts of Australia: the electric scooter. Aside from general safety concerns, there is also the issue of rules surrounding e-scooter use. Each state and territory has their own regulations but they’re currently in a confusing state of flux.