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So how fast were you going?

Have you ever knowingly driven over the speed limit, been caught speeding by police or been involved in a crash because another road user was going too fast? Have you ever wondered how you compare to drivers in other parts of the country who were asked these same questions? Based on a survey of 1,089 drivers, our High Speed States interactive includes handy state-by-state comparisons and useful insights into the nature of speeding in Australia. You’ll discover:

  • Which gender is more likely to speed and consider themselves ‘above average’ drivers
  • Where we do most of our speeding (freeways and highways 75%, main roads 63%)
  • The main reasons we give for speeding (‘running late’ tops the list at 37%)

Did you know that 21% of Aussie motorists admit to regularly driving just above the speed limit, and that over a third of drivers who admitted to knowingly exceeding speed limits were aged 18-24?i With around 1300 road deaths in 2016, it’s clear that not all drivers are getting the ‘please slow down’ message.ii