Road Safety Week


Pedestrians are one of the most vulnerable types of road users

812 pedestrians lives were lost in road crashes in Australia in the last five years. Pedestrians include people travelling via skateboards and roller skates/blades, people using personal mobility devices and people using wheelchairs.

Pedestrians can’t rely on seatbelts or airbags for protection in the event of a crash, so prevention is the best line of defense against road crashes. Pedestrians should only travel on the road at designated crossings or if crossings are unavailable, via the shortest and safest route available. Otherwise pedestrians should try to walk on a footpath or nature strip when possible. They can reduce distractions by putting their phones down while walking near and across roads. Even if pedestrians are in the right at a road crossing, it never hurts to be vigilant in the event something unexpected or dangerous occurs.

Drivers can keep pedestrians safe by always giving way at children’s and pedestrian crossings and travelling at slower speeds around said crossings. Also by taking care when travelling around heavily populated areas where pedestrians might wander out onto the road unexpectedly, like schools.

Did you know?

Some states enforce penalties up to $45 for pedestrians crossing the road who do not take the shortest route possible.