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Know when to take a break

Fatigue can be just as dangerous to road safety as driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The Queensland Government recommends that you stop and take a rest for at least a quarter of an hour after every two hours of driving.i But how do you know when the next rest stop is going to appear on your route? Well, now there’s a handy online Pit Stop Planner that takes all the hard work out of the equation for you. Just enter your starting point and destination, and it’ll do the rest! You can even export it to Google Maps for turn-by-turn directions.

Keeping the kids happy in the back seat will make your road trip a lot more pleasant too. Sift through our convenient Road Trip Games interactive, with games broken down into categories that match your kids’ (and driver’s) mood - quiet, memory, guessing, creative, etc.

And if there are any Road Safety Week events happening en route, make sure you get involved!