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Are you looking for a better deal on car insurance? Is your current policy up for renewal? Does your present insurer seem a bit less ‘affordable’ than when you first signed up with them? If any (or all) of these scenarios apply to you, then it may be time for a little car insurer comparison shopping. Now you might feel that this sounds almost as thrilling as cleaning the shower, having a wisdom tooth extracted or listening to a politician drone on about fiscal deficits, but it doesn’t have to be all that bad – especially if you take the smart and easy path and use the Budget Direct Comparitron™. This handy tool will provide you with an average of what customers in your state told us they saved by switching to Budget Direct for their car insurance. And it’s super-quick, too - checking out the Comparitron only takes a few seconds.

Budget Direct – a smart choice for safe drivers

Here at Budget Direct, we’re careful about who we insure. Because we filter out high-risk drivers, we’re able to keep premium prices lower for safe drivers like you. And depending on your policy choices, you may be able to decrease your premiums even further by restricting the lower age limit for other drivers of your vehicle or raising the excess to shrink your premium. Want more good news? If you opt to buy our Car Insurance online, you’ll receive a ##% discount.

Whether you decide on Comprehensive, Third Party Property or Third Party Fire and Theft, we’ve got you covered with policy options that suit your needs but won’t demolish your budget. It’s this simple: if you’re not insured with Budget Direct, you could be paying more than you need for your car insurance.

Real-world comparisons

There are plenty of car insurers in Australia, and they all want your business. So what should you look for when making a choice? To start with, check out their reputation. How is their customer service? Is their claims process fast and efficient? Do they have positive customer testimonials? Have they won any industry awards? Price is important, but make sure you’re comparing ‘apples with apples’. There’s no point in paying for more than you need, but being underinsured is just as bad (and usually worse), so make sure the policy you’re looking at suits your situation.

Budget Direct have just been awarded the CANSTAR Five Star Outstanding Value Car Insurance award for a record-breaking 11th year in a row – the only brand in any category to win a CANSTAR award 11 years running. In 2017, we faced some pretty big competition, with CANSTAR comparing 51 insurance providers, and 61 car insurance policies from across  Australia.

How is Budget Direct different?

We’re famous for our low prices, but we think the policy benefits we offer are pretty amazing too. Aside from a great range of Standard Policy Options, we’ve also got the kind of Optional Benefits that can make a big difference in ‘filling out’ your cover to meet additional needs. We’re talking about things like No Claim Discount Protection, Roadside Assistance, Accidental Hire Car Benefit, Windscreen Excess Reduction and more.

Making car insurance simpler

When you insure with Budget Direct, you get access to a 24-hour Claims Helpline so we can assist you when you need it most. You get a lifetime guarantee on all repairs that we authorise – for as long as you own the car. And you get a 21-day Money Back Guarantee on your car insurance if you should change your mind. Terms, conditions, exclusions and limitations apply, so read the Product Disclosure Statement for details.
Want to pay for your car insurance monthly, once a year or once a fortnight? With Budget Direct, it’s up to you, and you can also choose to pay by direct debit, credit card or PayPal. We think offering more flexibility to our customers makes perfect sense, and listening to what they need helps us provide better value for money and a higher level of service.

Get a car insurance quote from Budget Direct now!

Some insurance companies may not be too thrilled that you’re doing the ‘shop-around’ for a better deal on your car insurance, but we actually encourage this. Why? Because we know that we offer some of the most competitive rates, reliable service and useful policy benefits in Australia and we know our reputation is built on solid performance, year after year.

So go ahead - see how much you can save by grabbing a Quick Online Quote from Budget Direct today!


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