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Have you noticed how everyone has ‘incredible deals’ these days? Buy one, get one free.. Hurry – offer ends Sunday. Stocks are limited. Prices are slashed. Pay no interest for 3 years. We’ve gone crazy with our low, low prices etc. The problem with so many of these ‘great deals’ is that they’re not so wonderful when you take a closer look at them.

Understanding what value really means

Are you looking for a company which is in the business of providing reliable service, quality products and extremely competitive prices every day, every month and every year? Well, when it comes to quality car insurance, at Budget Direct we exactly do that!

We’ve been offering affordable Comprehensive, Third Party Property and Third Party Fire and Theft policies to Australian motorists since 2000 and have forged a solid reputation for low-cost, high-value insurance in the past 15 years. We offer easy-to-understand policies and consistent value for money that keeps customers coming back.

Award-winning insurance that works for you

Comparing Australia’s car insurance prices is sensible. We believe the process should be quick and easy, too. That’s why we offer a convenient online tool called the Budget Direct Comparitron™. Curious to know what our car insurance customers have told us they saved by switching to Budget Direct? The Comparitron will give you the good news in seconds.

When it comes to independent insurance industry awards, our record speaks for itself. We have taken home the ‘Outstanding Value Car Insurance’ award (CANSTAR) 11 times in a row since the award was introduced in 2007.  Budget Direct is also Money magazine's 2017 Insurer of the Year.

Budget Direct – flexible policies that make sense

If you don’t feel you’ve been getting the value you deserve from your present car insurer, why not take a look at what we can offer? You can tailor your cover to suit your requirements so you get exactly what you want, without paying for what you don’t need. You can consider our Policy Options with just a single click and look at what best suits your individual circumstances.

Our Standard Benefits include everything you would expect from a quality insurer, and our Optional Benefits give you some additional choices for those special situations where you might need a little extra cover. Whichever cover you select, you have the choice of paying once a fortnight, once a month or even once a year – and you can pay with PayPal, credit card or direct debit as your preferred payment method.

Compare price – but make sure you compare everything else too

There’s a reason we’re able to offer lower premiums to our customers: we are very selective about who we insure, so ‘high-risk’ drivers don’t get a look in. We ask smarter questions, which gives us a better idea of what you need and the best way to provide it for you. But we’re not satisfied with just being price-competitive, we also want to give you great value when you insure with us.

Our customers have access to our convenient lodge a claim feature (available online 24/7) whenever they need to make a claim. We also guarantee all authorised repairs for as long as you own the car. In addition, all our car insurance clients receive our award-winning Hail Hero app2 for free - so they can get advance warnings via SMS about approaching hailstorms. This is available to all Budget Direct car insurance customers, regardless of the type of policy. And remember, our car insurance comes with a 21-day Money Back Guarantee as well, if you haven’t made a claim. As with any insurance, see the Product Disclosure Statement so you have all the details.

Budget Direct car insurance – get a quote now and save!

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