What cars have ISOFIX in Australia?

What car have ISOFIX in Australia

When it comes to safety, everyone wants what’s best for their children. And while Australia’s safety record for children in cars has traditionally been quite good, this is an area where there’s always room for improvement.

In particular, car seats are an item that you don’t want to take any risks with. To help ensure your little angel is safe and secure we’ve compiled this list of Australian cars with ISOFIX.

What is ISOFIX?

What is ISOFIX

ISOFIX is a universal product standard used for safely attaching child safety capsules in cars.

Is ISOFIX legal in Australia?

Is ISOFIX legal in Australia
Yes. In September 2014, ISOFIX was legalised in Australia.

Australia was a late adopter of ISOFIX. Despite it being used in North America and Europe since the mid-2000s, it was illegal to sell or use ISOFIX capsules in Australia until September 2014.  

How do I know if my car has ISOFIX?

How do I know if my car has ISOFIX

If you can’t find your car on this list and want to check for yourself whether it has ISOFIX fittings, you have a few options. Firstly, you should always check your car’s user manual, which will usually specify whether the vehicle contains ISOFIX fittings. Failing this, you can also try asking at the dealership when you purchase your car, as they will often have this information. If you already own a car and aren’t looking to upgrade, when purchasing an ISOFIX car seat you should ask if it will be compatible with your vehicle, as many sellers will keep a list of compatible vehicles.

What are the benefits of ISOFIX?

What are the benefits of ISOFIX

Prior to ISOFIX being legalised in Australia, a study by the Monash University Accident Research Centre found that 88% of forward-facing car seats were incorrectly installed in Australia, as well as 67% of infant seats and 63% of booster seats [1]. According to the study, some of the most common mistakes were: twisted seat belts, straps being either twisted, out of position, or incorrectly routed, missing/incorrectly fitted buckles and clips, and using the wrong sized restraint [1]. These statistics will give any parent nightmares.

Accordingly, the main benefit of ISOFIX is how easy it is to install. Unlike other car seats, ISOFIX uses a ‘clip in’ system, which basically means that it’s either attached or it’s not – there’s little margin for error. Usually, all you need to do is clip the ISOFIX clasps into the corresponding clasps on your car seat, although you should always consult your installation manual for more detailed instructions.

Safety information

ISOFIX safety information

Unless otherwise stated, all ISOFIX positions listed below are located in the vehicle’s rear seats. Remember, the Mandatory Standard for Child Restraints for Motor Vehicles in Australia stipulates that up to the age of four, it is illegal for children to sit in the front seat of a vehicle [2]. This is because it is generally considered safer for young children to travel in a vehicle’s rear seats. Babies up to the age of 6 months must sit in a rear-facing seat, and it is recommended that even above this age children continue to sit in a rear-facing seat until they outgrow the seat. Children above the age of four are allowed to travel in the front seat if they’re fitted in a booster seat, although for safety reasons it is recommended that they continue to travel in the back seat. Failure to comply with these laws may result in fines of up to $500 and loss of up to 3 demerit points [2].

Further, in contrast to Europe and North America, Australian Design Rules stipulate that ISOFIX capsules must also be held in place by a top-tether restraint, so it’s important to be aware of this when fitting an ISOFIX capsule in your vehicle [3]. 

List of cars with ISOFIX in Australia4,5,6,7

List of Australian cars with ISOFIX

Note: While we have endeavoured to make this list as comprehensive as possible, it is possible that we may have overlooked some cars that are ISOFIX fitted. This list should be taken as a guide only. You should always check your vehicle’s user manual to confirm whether it is ISOFIX compatible.

Alfa Romeo
Model Year
147 2000-2010
156  1997-2005
159  2005-2011
Giulietta  2010-current
Mito  2008-current
Brera  2005-2010
Stelvio  2017-current
Giulia  2016-current


Model Year
A1 2010-current
A2 2000-2005
A3 2003-current
A4 2004-current
A5 2007-current
A6 2006-current
A7 2010-current
A8 2002-current
Q2 2016-current
Q3 2011-current
Q5 2009-current
Q7 2006-current
TT 2015-current


Model Year
Continental Flying Spur 2005-current
Continental GT 2003-current
Mulsanne 2012-current


Model Year
1 Series 2004-current
2 Series 2013-current
3 Series 2005-current
5 Series 2003-current
6 Series 2003-current
7 Series 2008-current
X1 2009-current
X2 2018-current
X3 2006-current
X4 2014-current
X5 2006-current
X6 2008-current
i3 2013-current
i8 2014-current


Model Year
PT Cruiser 2000-2010
Voyager 2001-2011
300C 2008-2011


Model Year
C2 2003-2010
C3 2003-current
C4 2004-current
C4 Aircross 2012-current
C4 Cactus 2014-2015
C4 Grand Picasso 2007-current
C5 2000-current
C6 2005-2012
Berlingo 2008-current
DS3 2009-current
DS4 2010-current
DS5 2011-current


Model Year
Sirion 2005-2011
Mira 2006-2014


Model Year
500 2008-current
Punto 1999-current
Scudo 2007-2015
Dolbo 2009-current
Freemont 2011-2016
500X 2014-current


Model Year
Fiesta 2008-current
Focus 2004-current
Mondeo 2000-current
Kuga 2008-current
Transit 2006-current
Mustang 2016-current
Escape 2016-current
Ecosport 2014-current
Everest 2017-current
Ranger 2012-current


Model Year
Astra 2011-current
Barina 2006-current
Captiva 2006-2018
Colorado 2012-current
Combo 2001-current
Commodore 2013-current
Cruze 2009-2015
Epica 2005-2011
Equinox 2017-current
Insignia 2009-current
Malibu 2011-2016
Spark 2009-2015
Trailblazer 2016-current
Trax 2013-2015
Vectra 2003-2008
Volt 2010-2015


Model Year
Accord 2008-current
City 2009-current
Civic 2006-current
CRV 2007-current
HRV 2015-current
Insight 2009-2014
Jazz 2008-current
Legend 2004-2012


Model Year
Accent 2002-current
Coupe 2001-2008
Elantra 2002-current
Genesis 2008-2015
Getz 2002-2011
i20 2008-current
i30 2007-current
i40 2011-current
ix35 2012-2015
Santa Fe 2006-current
Sonata 2001-current
Terracan 2002-2006
Tucson 2015-current
Veloster 2004-current


Model Year
FX37 2008-2013
G37 2012-2013
Q30 2016-current
Q50 2013-current
Q60 2014-current
Q70 2013-2015
QX30 2016-current
QX50 2013-2015
QX70 2013-current


Model Year
MU-X 2013-current


Model Year
Cherokee 2008-current
Commander 2006-2010
Compass 2007-2014
Grand Cherokee 2005-current
Patriot 2007-2012
Renegade 2014-current
Wrangler 2011-current


Model Year
Carnival 2006-current
Optima 2015-current
Picanto 2004-current
Rio 2005-current
Sorento 2002-current
Soul 2008-current
Sportage 2004-current


Land Rover
Model Year
Discovery 2004-current
Discovery Sport 2014-current
Freelander 2007-2015
Freelander 2 2006-current
Range Rover 2002-current
Range Rover Evoque 2011-current
Range Rover Sport 2005-current


Model Year
CT 2011-current
GS 2011-current
IS 2013-current
LC 2016-current
LS 2012-current
NX 2014-current
RC 2014-current
RX 2008-current


Model Year
Quattroporte 2013-current
GranTurismo 2007-current
GranCabrio 2010-current
Ghibli 2013-current
Levante 2016-current


Model Year
2 2002-current
3 2003-current
6 2002-current
CX3 2015-current
CX5 2013-current
CX7 2006-2012
CX8 2018-current
CX9 2009-current


Model Year
A Class 2004-current
B Class 2005-current
C Class 2007-current
CL 2006-2013
CLA 2004-current
CLC 2008-2012
CLK 2004-current
CLS 2004-current
E Class 2003-current
GL 2012-2015
GLA 2013-current
GLC 2015-2013
GLE 2015-current
GLS 2016-current
M 2011-2015
Maybach 2015-current
R 2006-2013
S Class 2005-current
V Class 2014-current
Viano 2004-current
Vito 2004-current


Model Year
Clubman 2007-2014
Paceman 2013-2015
Countryman 2008-current
Hatchback 2014-current


Model Year
ASX 2010-current
Challenger 2014-2015
Colt 2004-2008
Eclipse Cross 2017-current
Grandis 2004-2011
iMiEV 2010-current
Lancer 2003-current
Mirage 2016-current
Outlander 2007-current
Outlander PHEV 2013-current
Pajero 2007-current
Pajero Sport 2015-current
Triton 2014-current


Model Year
Juke 2011-current
Leaf 2010-current
Micra 2002-current
Murano 2008-2015
Navara 2008-current
Pulsar 2014-current
Qashqai 2007-current
X-trail 2007-current


Model Year
206 2005-2012
207 2007-2015
208 2012-current
307 2006-2009
308 2008-2014
407 2006-2012
508 2010-current
2008 2013-current
3008 2009-current
5008 2009-current
Partner 2009-2014
2008 2007-current


Model Year
Cayenne 2010-current
Macan 2013-current
Panamera 2009-current


Model Year
Captur 2013-current
Clio 2007-current
Fluence 2009-2014
Kangoo 2008-current
Koleos 2008-current
Laguna 2002-2015
Megane 2005-current
Scenic 2005-current
Zoe 2013-current


Model Year
Ghost 2010-current
Phantom 2003-current


Model Year
9-3 2006-2013
9-5 2009-2012


Model Year
Fabia 2008-current
Kodiaq 2017-current
Octavia 2004-current
Superb 2008-current
Yeti 2009-current


Model Year
Fortwo 2008-current
Forfour 2014-current


Model Year
Actyon 2007-2014
Rexton 2007-2012
Korando 2010-current


Model Year
Forester 2008-current
Impreza 2007-current
Levorg 2014-current
Liberty 2016-current
Outback 2009-current
Tribeca 2006-2014
WRX 2015-current
XV 2011-current


Model Year
Alto 2008-2014
Baleno 2015-current
Celerio 2014-current
Grand Vitara 2002-current
Ignis 2016-current
Kizashi 2010-2016
Liana 2002-current
S-Cross 2016-current
Swift 2004-current
SX4 2007-2012
Vitara 2006-current
Wagon R+ 2002-current


Model Year
Model S 2013-current
Model X 2016-current


Model Year
Aurion 2016-2017
CH-R 2016-current
Camry 2016-current
Corolla 2018-current
Fortuner 2015-current
Hilux 2015-current
IQ 2009-2014
Prius 2009-current
RAV4 2007-current
Yaris 2006-current


Model Year
Model S 2013-current
Model X 2016-current


Model Year
Caddy 2005-current
CC 2008-2012
Eos 2007-2015
Golf 1999-current
Jetta 2006-current
Multivan Caravelle 1999-current
Passat 2006-current
Polo 2009-current
Scirocco 2009-2017
Tiguan 2009-current
Touareg 2004-current
Up! 2011-current


Model Year
C30 2007-2003
C70 2007-2013
S40 2006-2013
S60 2010-current
S80 2007-2015
S90 2016-current
V40 2012-current
V50 2005-2012
V60 2010-current
V70 2008-2016
V90 2016-current
XC60 2008-current
XC70 2007-2016
XC90 2006-current

1 https://www.theage.com.au/national/victoria/wrong-use-of-car-seats-puts-lives-in-danger-20130823-2shbl.html
2 https://www.parenthub.com.au/kids/raising-children/car-seat-laws-australia/
3 https://www.carsales.com.au/editorial/details/faqs-isofix-109985/
4 https://www.stokke.com/on/demandware.static/-/Sites-stokke-master-catalog/default/dw5e8a3d64/documents/388300%20iZi%20Go%20ISOfix%20car%20list%202016%2002%2019.pdf
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