Weathering the storm: How Budget Direct responded to Adelaide’s intense hailstorm

Hail Dints

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We see it increasingly on the evening news — the latest storm system warning that leads to rain, thunder and lightning, dogs barking and flash flooding.

So often storms can pass with little fanfare, but sometimes we see real destruction and the damage and clean-up can be intensive and expensive.

When hail the size of golf balls pelted the city of Adelaide in the sudden and unprecedented storm of November 2016, it left many of us wondering about the severity of storms to come and how we can prepare for what seems to be an entire new wave of weather.

According to 9News Adelaide, 20 millimetres of rain fell on the city in just an hour. Streets were submerged, businesses suffered, homes were damaged, and cars were riddled with indentations from hail balls that fell with such ferocity they literally bounced off the ground.

A centre like this is an indication of the commitment we have to our clients

Exceptional storms called for exceptional action and Budget Direct answered the call, with vehicle assessment centres set up across Mildura, Broken Hill and Adelaide.

Assessment centres were set up within just one or two days of the storm, fully prepared to service Budget Direct Car Insurance clients. Each centre was designed for customers to be serviced by professional hail technicians and to get their vehicles back on the road as quickly as possible.

Hail Insurance

According to Budget Direct’s Michael Partington, “a centre like this is an indication of the commitment we have to our clients.”

“We were able to straight away service our clients, get their vehicles in and give them peace of mind that their vehicles are going to be serviced in a timely manner and they will be ready within a couple of days to take their car onto the repairer and be back on the road as soon as possible.”

We were able to straight away service our clients

Hundreds of claims poured in — 79 assessments across Mildura/Broken Hill and 250 of the 330 known claims in Adelaide — with assessment outcomes varying from repairable on the spot to ongoing repair strategies with outsourced paintless dent removalists.

Taxis were also made available to customers to and from vehicle drop-off and pick-up.

Feedback from clients at our assessment centre included comments about how simple and streamlined the process was:

Motor Cover Client

I came to get my car assessed today and have just been really blown away by how streamlined it is

“I came to get my car assessed today and have just been really blown away by how streamlined it is, how professional and how helpful the staff have been. I feel very confident that my car is in good hands.

Customer service staff that I initially spoke with, right to the follow-up and the return of calls has been quite, quite impressive, and I’m very, very happy.” (Natalie Brzezicki)

Hail Damage

“It was a very simple process, it was very helpful — the staff on the line, on the phone — and it was fairly easy.” (Minh Ngo)

It was a very simple process, it was very helpful

“It was very straightforward, very thorough, so right up until coming in today it was a very smooth process. Compared to other policies, the pricing’s really competitive and all the offers on different coverage are really good, so I certainly would recommend it.” (Steve Camatta)

Car Insurance Parents

“We’ve been really happy with them — we started out with one car and when we got this new car we added that on to the policy and we’ve just done that with Budget Direct as well with our new house.” (Belinda Robb)

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Preventing hail damage to your car

Often the first you know about a hailstorm is when the hail is hitting your roof. And by then your car may already be damaged. Budget Direct’s Hail Hero system ideally gives you at least 10 minutes to get your car under cover before the storm hits.

Click here to view Budget Direct’s Hail Hero Warning System.

Our Hail Hero system means lower premiums, because getting your car undercover before the hailstorm hits could save us thousands in repair bills — and therefore savings for you.

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