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Top travel tips that can make life easier

Top travel tips that can make life easier

There are hundreds of tips and tricks that travelers can use to avoid the exploding shampoo bottle, the tangled mess of jewelry, the overflowing suitcase and the horrible case of popping and blocked ears.

When we travel we want to think about the destination not on the motions of packing. Here are our top travel tips that will assist in making the tedious part of your holiday easier.

I have the feeling we are missing something!

Before you start packing make a list of the things you need to take. Generally we are excited so take a breath, slow down and make a list and stick to it as much as possible.

When you go grocery shopping hungry or don’t make a list, you’re guaranteed to walk out those supermarket doors with more than you initially needed. This happens with packing as well. If you add any extras add them to the list and use it as a tracker/checklist when you’re going from one place to the next. Don’t forget to add in all your documentation such as your itinerary, passport and travel insurance.

Ok you sit on it and I’ll zip it!

Try rolling your clothes instead of folding them it will leave you with more space and a less crinkled garment. Shoes are annoying to pack, however you can roll up underwear, socks and other smaller items and place them inside.

Organise your suitcase into layers, put the things you’ re less likely use at the bottom and work your way up to the most common items you will be using daily. Also take a few empty bags for dirty laundry so you can keep your clean clothes fresh as possible.

Am I talking too loud?

This tip is relevant to those that suffer from their ears popping or staying blocked for days after travel. To avoid from aching and popping ears as soon as you take off start chewing gum and yawn as much as possible, it’s one of the best tips I can give.

Here comes my bag! Maybe not

Personalise your luggage. It is simple as tying a piece of ribbon, material, shoelace or whatever you fancy around the handle on your luggage. This will help you spot your luggage at the carousals.


Rule of thumb if you are carrying any lotions, shampoos and liquids place them in zip lock bags. The last thing you want is for them to leak all through your things.

Don’t waste time untangling!

This is more for the ladies. If you are packing jewellery try these tips. When packing fine jewellery thread it through a straw to avoid tangles. Use a medicine organiser to store earrings and rings to avoid tangling or losing them.

I hope these tips helped; maybe you can try these tips next time you travel. If you have any great travel tips you would like to share, we would love to hear them.

Happy travelling

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