The 6 best things to do on a cruise

Cruises can be amazing holidays for the whole family, appealing to adults as inexpensive trips but also exciting adventures and activities for kids of all ages.

Cruises offer stress free escapes for parents who aren’t interested in planning out every detail of a holiday, from where to go, what to do and what food to eat. They also provide facilities such as kids clubs, activities, entertainment and babysitting services.

Here are some of the features to look out for when booking your next family cruise!

#1. Kids clubs

One of the best included facilities cruises offer are kids clubs, designed to entertain your children aged from 6 months through to 17 years. But don’t worry the teens won’t be lumped in with the toddlers, as most cruise lines will have different clubs for different ages, each with age specific activities and entertainment. Some of the activities range from story time, scavenger hunts and crafts for the younger groups to gaming cubes, karaoke and classes including circus tricks to DJ lessons for older kids and teens.

#2. Onboard activities

Cruise ships are famous for the many different activities you can take part in onboard. Depending on the ship and cruise you can find anything from a rock-climbing wall and ice-skating to a water park on the deck. Every cruise line is unique in its activity offerings so make sure you check out what each cruise line has to see if the activities and entertainment suits your family’s interests.

#3. Family cabins

One of the trickiest elements of bringing the whole family on holiday can be living in much more confined spaces with little space for each family member and their belongings. Some cruise lines offer family friendly suites with extra room, or interconnecting state rooms. Make sure you find a cruise that has enough cabin room to keep your family from getting cabin fever.

#4. Family discounts

While cruises already offer extraordinary value for money when you factor in all the included extras you wouldn’t get on a normal holiday, some cruise lines also offer additional family discounts. Before you book your cruise make sure you shop around and do your research to see if there are any discounts going for larger or family bookings.

#5. Childminding

For parents who might like a little alone time, some cruise lines will offer some form of child-minding in the evenings. Whether it is one-on-one babysitting in your room or a nursery or room where you can drop your child off for a few hours, you can rest assured that your little one is in safe hands while you enjoy your evening.

#6. Onshore excursions

With all these amazing on-board options you’d be forgiven for forgetting about the on-shore excursions. Some locations might be more kid friendly than most, so consider the age of your children and what kinds of attractions and activities you’ll be able to see and do in each of the ports you stop in.

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