Start spring cleaning with a clean sweep

Spring has well and truly sprung and what better way to welcome more light into your home than with the season’s ritual clean up and out?

Before you get overwhelmed, check out our handy spring cleaning hints to clear your home of clutter and have it sparkling like new.

Begin with an action plan

Create a cleaning checklist for each room and allocate tasks to family members. Set aside a weekend to spring clean and decide on a reward for once the job is done.

Break it down into manageable steps

Focus on one room at a time. This is a great way to see results quickly, motivate you to keep going and contain the mess.

Use it or lose it

Go through your storage areas and separate out items into piles to keep, give away, throw out and sell. Be ruthless. If you are finding it hard to part with items, ask a friend for an unbiased opinion.

Organise, store and label

Reorganise and store items you want to keep in storage containers with labels. This will protect them from dust and save you having to go through these boxes next Spring.

Clean from top to bottom

Save time and effort by cleaning your way from the top down. Dust higher surfaces first and only vacuum once all of the dusting is complete. This also goes for windows, curtains, mirrors and showers.

Don’t forget outside

Get out into the garden, clean out the gutters and prepare the BBQ for summer.

Now you are ready to make the most out of the warmer months. Enjoy!

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